July Monthly Horoscopes

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Basmati Monthly Horoscopes: July

What do the planets have in store for you this July? Check out your Basmati Horoscope with Astrologer Lisa Landis below!



Ahh the home life…if it could only stay this happy all the time. Read more here.


The stable and firm standing person that you are is suddenly going to want to change your appearance into doing something original, something unique. Read more here.


There are few people who can say that you are ever at a loss for words, and this is the time to put your money where your mouth is. Read more here.


You are looking good and feeling good. Read more here.


Loud and proud, if you got it flaunt it. Read more here.


Don't be so critical and hard-headed—it’s time to be open and start loving your beauty instead of judging your flaws. Read more here.


Always the gentle dreamer—what are you dreaming of this month? Read more here.


Your usual secretive self has been yearning to be that comfy leader that others think you are, but you have not been willing (until recently) to fill the shoes that other see you in. Read more here.


Fun, fun, fun—but what has that fun cost you in the past. Read more here.


The pressure that is placed upon you from yourself, along with your more reserved attitude in life, are themes this month. Read more here.


You like to take unusual approaches, and this month you will be more aggressive and competitive for that front stage. Read more here.


This is a month for possibilities, just remember to take the spiritual approach over the practical one. Read more here.

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