July Monthly Horoscope: Taurus

Taurus zodiac sign for your astrology horoscope


The stable and firm standing person that you are is suddenly going to want to change your appearance into doing something original, something unique. You are usually so practical and grounded. How can that be and what are you going to do about it? Are you going to stay the same as other people have formed you, or are you going to listen to that urge to be unique, to be different? Why not try it if you are wanting a tattoo (even one that isn’t permanent!)?

What's new with Communications? What new do you want to speak up about? We know what happens when you hold your peace, and right now you're getting to the point where you are wanting to expose those dark secrets—those secrets that have been in your skeleton closet for too long. What is it that you thought that you could put behind you? Are you holding onto material loss that was your emotional security? Remember, expectations are premeditated resentments, the self-sacrifice of one's self. It is always better to speak up and get that junk out of your trunk. All those secrets that have weighed you down, it is time to get them out. You might have started and never finished, and if you are one of those who have a tough time trusting others, then write those secrets on a piece of paper and burn them to ashes, drop them into flowing water, and release them. You cannot drive forward looking in the rearview mirror.

Is it the home that we are focusing on this month? What is it about our home that we enjoy and what do we need to speak up about? That is a big part of speaking up, and this month you will be brewing about things in your home that are not up to your satisfaction. Things that are making you unhappy. Just remember to say it nicely and then go have fun. Are you being a little bit too anxious? This makes sense if you are not listening to intuition. Have fun! Usually you are always so grounded, you are always so organized. You can do something creative with that energy, such as sharing it with children. Those of you who could be looking to get pregnant now, it might be an opportune time. For those of you who do not want to get pregnant, be sure to be particularly mindful of precautionary measures. In partnerships, remember if they are not the right one, the right one will pass you by. So, if you have a one-night stand do not always believe that that is the right one—try waiting at least two weeks (it would be better to wait see how you feel in two weeks). If you still feel the same possibility, but do not think there will not be many who come to seek your partnerships, just remember the lessons that you have learned with your past relationships/partnerships. You may have to learn those hard-painful lessons again.

New Beginnings: what new thing are you going to be starting or are you going to be stuck in the past and not try anything new? Who would you be if you were not stuck in the past? Would you be ready to teach others or learn how to teach others? Are you ready to step into a leadership position, or do you still have things that you need to learn? It is never too late to learn. What new beginnings in learning can you study for your career to become something that you need? Now is the time to stand on your own feet, live up to your potential, and not be who others think that you should be. Some are not on your level, so step into the real you. Even though it might be a crazy outfit that you had previously declared you would never wear—try it on for size! You might surprise yourself how good it looks on you.


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