New Moon- Tuesday May 15

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Something Different, Unique and Revolutionary is Coming!

New Moon- 24°36′ Taurus – Tuesday May 15, 2018

A New Moon represents a fresh start where we can set our intentions for the goals we want to accomplish for the month. The planets offer additional energies to use to help us along the way and open our awareness of the possibilities we can create.

The Challenge

For those of us who honor our emotional intelligence, we “know” that it is just a matter of time before big outward changes become visible in our physical world. On May 15, 2018, the planet Uranus, will be entering the sign of Taurus. Just a few keywords for Uranus are “shocking, unusual, spontaneous and freedom”.

The earthy sign of Taurus, “the Bull”, represents physical wealth and material stability. Taurus places his focus on what “I have” or what “I possess” as a means of acquiring emotional satisfaction. While Uranus takes the next 8 years to travers Taurus we can expect some sudden disruptions to our bodies, Earth, resources, finance and our values.  

As Uranus enters Taurus there is a New Moon taking place in the sign as well. Normally, a New Moon in Taurus would have us focus on planting seeds (intentions) for what we would like to grow (increase) in terms of our external wealth and resources. But the planetary energies offer us additional encouragement to also develop personal and spiritual resources.

The Gifts

Venus, planetary ruler of Taurus, loves playing in the physical world. She enjoys all the pleasures of the 5 senses. Her energy affirms that beauty, in all its forms, is an important part of being alive. Currently Venus is traversing Gemini where she encourages us to find the pleasure in socializing, communicating and learning. But since Gemini is also known for being versatile and variable she sends an additional message to find the beauty in being quick, nimble and adaptable with all the changes that are coming.

The challenge of knowing which resources to acquire while the future brings unexpected changes can feel daunting. There is no one answer that fits everyone because it involves tuning into ourselves as to what excites each one of us individually.

For example, Taurus energy also includes being resourceful with what we currently have. If you enjoy being creative and have the ability to design and innovate then you could set your intention to foster those skills. If you have a flair for adding beauty to your creations then you could foster more of your artistic talents.

Whatever you enjoy doing is a great indicator that those skills are valuable to you and can be a source for building both internal and external wealth. Because each and every one of us has intrinsic value by our being alive, fostering our natural abilities and joys means that we will be perfectly suited for the changes that come to our physical world.

Being resistant to change will only cause us to experience greater challenges. If instead, we view the changes as an opportunity to break free from old patterns and programs, we can allow the natural abundance of the universe to provide for us. Great ideas and spectacular innovation will just naturally follow from the skills that we foster from this New Moon.

On the negative side, Taurus’ emphasis on gathering possessions can oftentimes create fear of loss and the need to hoard. In those times it’s important to remember that Earth, mother Gaia, produces abundantly and shares her resources with us freely. She teaches us that what we create in our lives is meant to be shared with others so that they may be nourished as well.

Astrological New Moon Chart or Taurus Moon


Changes to our physical world and current resources are coming. Seeing change as an opportunity can inspire us to develop skills, knowledge and inner values that can be shared at the perfect time. See the beauty in being variable and adaptable.

For this New Moon, ask yourself what you would like to grow and expand in your life, which can ultimately be shared, to help nourish and nurture others.

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