Libra Full Moon: Evolving Relationships In A Changing World

Full Moon - March 31, 2018 – 10*44’ Libra – 6:36 am MT


A Full Moon reveals the outcome of the collective work that we’ve done.


On March 17, 2018, the New Moon in Pisces set the theme for the creational energies of the lunar month. Pisces energies opened the door to expand our dreams, imagination, and creativity.

The First Quarter Moon on March 24, 2018, focused our attention on unresolved emotional issues and how we may unconsciously charge ahead, possibly provoking arguments.

Full Moons Provide Clarity 

Now, the Full Moon in Libra brings attention to our relationships, both personal and business, and how they are evolving due to our changing collective consciousness. The Moon opposite the Sun in Aries brings an awareness of how our relationships can pull us away from our individuality, and vice versa. Aries is a cardinal fire sign with his ruler Mars. Aries represents the energy of a separate identity that is independent, assertive and competitive. Libra, on the opposite side of the chart, is ruled by Venus and is relationship-oriented. Libran energy is harmonious, diplomatic, cooperative, and dependent.

Full Moon Chart

Awareness of the Problem

This month’s focus is on a heathy balance of the two. But, unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. There’s another area of focus: a t-square with Saturn/Mars in Capricorn. Saturn is at home in Capricorn so he’ll take precedence over the relationship by inhibiting Mars’s fiery nature. Saturn will act as the disciplinarian to our ambitions and impulsiveness. The end energy could result in a difficulty in constructively asserting one’s energy and difficulty expressing disagreement. Resentments can build and eventually create a blow-out.

Let’s examine to see if you are affected:

1.      If you are currently in a relationship, have you found yourself resentful or quietly seething underneath the surface at your own inability to assert yourself within the relationship? Have you evaluated where things have gone astray? Is it worth having peace at any price?

2.     If you are looking to be in a relationship, are you currently aware of your own value and what your values are? Can you define yourself adequately so that when entering into a relationship you will be able to maintain a good balance of personal self while cooperating with another?

Maybe now is the time to take inventory of your own part /responsibility for the imbalance of self-assertion and cooperation. Ask what part of yourself you can let go of and still be yourself. What can you change? What’s important and what’s not?

Because relationships often require that we change, negotiate, and adapt to some degree. The goal is to avoid stifling our individuality (which ends up in resentment) and instead find a way to express our actions with discipline and clarity of purpose. How can we do this?

The Solution

The t-square creates a disproportionate amount of tension, creating instability. To create a strong and stable foundation we should look across the chart to the energies of Cancer for balance and solution.

Cancer’s emotional nature is predominantly about nurturance and finding the feeling of home and roots no matter where we are. Cancer represents the ideal mother who is protective to all her children. She instinctually knows what each child needs to promote maximum potential within each. And then she allows them the freedom to spread their wings and jump from the nest.

Each one of us has our own Mother Goddess within who:

a) provides us the ability to nurture ourselves (as well as others), and

b) reminds us that our worth is inherent within us and isn’t dependent on others or what we achieve.

If we want to create the best relationships, while fostering our unique individuality, this month’s Full Moon shows us that we also need to balance disciplined self-assertion with emotional self-nurturance.


This month’s Full Moon shines the light on how we are functioning within our relationships. Are we able to balance staying true to our own desires and cooperate fairly and honestly with others? Observe, within yourself, feelings of limitation in how you are asserting your personal identity. Know that you and your individuality are inherently valuable and that you have the ability to reevaluate who you are within your relationships and express yourself clearly and lovingly. Neptune, as the Soul Ruler of Cancer, reminds us to dissolve boundaries within ourselves and our relationships, for in the end, we are all one.