Tips for Dealing with Springtime Pet Shedding

Sunny springtime sure is lovely and all, but what about the hair (pet hair, that is)?! During the colder months, our furry friends gain their winter coats to keep them nice and warm, but, at the first sign of sunshine, those coats seem to come right off—onto our carpets, couches, clothes, etc. For pet owners who are dangerously close to losing their minds over the unwanted pet hair that is undoubtedly taking over, rest assured that these four tips will help you reduce pet shedding and/or easily get rid of the inevitable fur that tauntingly flies around absolutely everywhere.


1. Brusha, Brusha, Brusha

Dogs and cats simply must be brushed. If pets could figure out how to get a handle on a hairbrush, they probably would, but, until then, even those ever so independent cats need you. (Yes, cats do groom themselves frequently, but a little help goes a long way!) I brush my hair daily, and still manage to find strands of hair that I’ve shed all over the place. I can only imagine the damage I’d do without access to a hairbrush. So, brush them daily; it can make a world of difference! I used to brush the coat of my beloved, late dog, Heidi, and fill up bags (yes, multiple) of hair, in one sitting. Wouldn’t you rather have a furry hairbrush than a furry home?


2. Clean Up, Clean Up

Let’s face it: pets do shed, and, to some extent, it is, indeed, a never-ending battle. After accepting this fact, you can tackle all that excess pet hair by befriending that old vacuum that you shoved in the closet. Once you get into a routine of vacuuming regularly, you’ll notice that the stubborn hair becomes easier to get rid of because it doesn’t have time to accumulate and become one with your furniture. Remember: frequent cleaning means quicker cleaning! Hey, it’s just one way to cope with a shedding coat.


3. Try Good Nutrition

High quality diets and high quality coats go hand in hand. Make sure that you’re not feeding your pets food that’s full of fillers if you want them to have soft, shiny coats. Plus, incorporating healthy fats into their foods can help them gain healthy coats, which tend to shed less.


4. Suds Up!

The good news is that some dogs (not so many cats) love bath time! Occasionally bathing your pets with moisturizing, soothing oatmeal-based shampoos, or certain shampoos designed specifically to reduce shedding, may prevent hair loss. Massaging shampoo onto your pet will rejuvenate its coat and provide moisture. A dirty, dry coat will cause your pet to scratch, and, ultimately, shed more. Since hot water dries out the skin, don’t forget to use lukewarm water!