Essential Oils: The Psychic Medicine of Tea Tree Oil

Natives in Australia have long known this plant to be a panacea – able to cure almost any ailment. Since they are a deeply mystical people, it would be easy to draw the parallel of how the aborigines would have used knowledge of tea tree and how this knowledge would most certainly have extended into conditions of the mind and the realm of the psychic, beyond the physical. Let us explore further.

An extract of the tea tree in Australia (Melaleuca alernifolia) could well be one of the most important plant oils to assist today's psychic – or anyone becoming aware of their intuitive capacities. By looking at what sorts of physical ailments and conditions are aided by this plant oil, we are afforded a view into the realm of what I like to call psychic medicine.

Infections and Disease

It is a well known fact that tea tree has been used to cure nearly every and all tropical infections and diseases, which list would include: malaria, dengue, chagas, onchocerciasis (river blindness), scabies and a host of other illnesses few people would like to imagine. However, knowing this of tea tree, one could also translate its healing benefits to that of a psychic nature and realize just how the “as above, so below” theory applies to layers of beingness and the body's fields. Tea tree oil, therefore, can be useful in relieving and overcoming that which could be considered a psychic “infection” or disease.

What is a Psychic Infection?

Psychic “infections” could manifest from something such as vampirism and parasitic behavior where another seeks to take energy from you, siphoning off of your energy reserves for their own benefit. Often a person does not consciously know they are doing this. They may simply see you as a teacher or reliable source of help to their life. Maybe the person vampiring is struggling deeply and does not know how to reach within for strength and so they psychically “latch on” to you and unconsciously sap energy from you. A parasitic relationship is one where the individual who is “taking” cannot seem to do things on their own and seeks the confidence, courage or resources of another in order to feel like they are making it in the world.

When too much of this sort of behavior occurs, the person who is “providing” the energy can become weak and feel physically exhausted, the same way you would if you had an actual parasite in your body. The use of tea tree oil in this situation can subtly help to balance out the energies between two people and actually assist in removing the energetic tentacles which have implanted themselves in the “giver” of the relationship. At first, the use of tea tree may seem to emit the smell or feel of suddenly being in a very “sterile” environment, almost hospital-like in nature. This is deterring for the psychic vampire/parasite, the same way it actually affects parasites and bacteria in the physical body. They hate it...they want to get away.

Diffusing or wearing a few drops of tea tree oil can help create an ambiance of protection and pull back in the auric field of one who has become “too generous” in the sharing of themselves. Tea tree oil will gradually, over time, help to purge relationships and people who are toxic and unhealthy to the one using it. I like to create a mist or spray in a base of distilled water with a few drops of tea tree oil to mist around my body when going out in public. In this way I have created a psychic field of intent against the ones who wish to spread their negative infectious behavior or neediness.

Digestion and Assimilation

One of the coolest benefits of tea tree, in my opinion, is the way the oil helps the body to absorb nutrients from food, thereby improving digestive health and overall well being. On a psychic level this is especially good for empaths who often have difficulty in digesting and processing their experiences. In fact, many empaths end up with digestive complications, stomach problems and even food allergies because they have not been able to fully assimilate and process that which they are doing on a psychic level.

As one who can tune into other people's energies and feel what others feel, the psychic needs to be sure to process and sort through the myriad emotions and thoughts coming their way. They need to choose which thoughts, beliefs and feelings are theirs, and identify which are not -- which ones are helpful to keep in their bodies and which ones need to be consciously eliminated. If this sorting process is not done and the empath instead keeps all the absorbed emotions as if they are their own, dis-ease can, and most likely will occur.

The use of tea tree oil for a psychic can be the difference between unknowingly getting sick off of other people's emotional baggage and remaining clear and sovereign. By taking the time to either anoint the body (the belly, high heart, third eye, crown, etc.) prior to and after working with people, the discomfort – which can result (and even disrupt the entire digestive system) – can be avoided.

Tea tree helps to trigger the body's ability to find that which is beneficial within what is taken in – be it food, energy, thoughts or experiences. It centers one in a place akin to the healing environment in which the plant grows in the planes of Australia, rich with ancient wisdom. Every body is, on one level or another, connected to this wisdom. Tea tree simply helps to invoke it within a person.

Place a drop of tea tree oil diluted in a carrier oil, over the navel in order to enhance absorption and improve assimilation.


Tea tree oil is incredibly effective when dealing with viruses which are not so easy to eradicate. Viruses can live even buried in the ground or encapsulated for thousands of years due to a special cellular membrane created every time they come out of being dormant. This membrane is a protective type shell known as a “cyst” and is nearly impenetrable against most things that try to destroy it. Tea tree, however, is in many cases able to dissolve this membrane and kill the virus. It has been shown effective in cases of measles, chicken pox, mumps, and the common cold and flu, just to name a few.

In the case of a psychic virus, which is like a negative thought or belief affecting the person from “behind the scenes,” tea tree passes the blood/brain barrier through the power of aroma and helps to dissolve the shell which holds them in place. Something about the smell of tea tree inspires one to take action in a new direction. It helps to access deep, buried beliefs and to heal wounds of the past. The viruses of our lives which perpetuate themselves in the cycles that continually bog us down and keep us blocked can be broken down powerfully through working with tea tree oil on a regular basis.

One who is working through the process of a cold or a flu and finds themselves in bed for days on end will inevitably come face-to-face with the emotions and beliefs which have led to their condition, if a willingness to see is there. When accompanied by tea tree oil, the process of letting go and moving forward can be sped up and greatly facilitated so that repetition and an exaggeration of symptoms is not necessary.

Along the same vein, coughs are assisted by tea tree in bringing up mucous that has been trapped in the lungs. On a more psychosomatic level, those feelings and emotions which have not been allowed to be expressed could suddenly come out with the assistance of tea tree oil.

Addressing the Surface Layers

Tea tree oil has long been praised for its topical use on fungal infections, skin irritations and rashes, and even acne. It is also a great balancer of the pH and is a fantastic addition to hair care products, though it is cautioned against using tea tree on any sensitive tissues. On a similar note, the use of tea tree oil inspires a sense of youthfulness, longevity and the ability to see and communicate beyond surface interactions. Tea tree oil is extremely aromatic, and when a jar is simply opened it is as if “the room clears” and one has to catch their breath before taking its essence and effects fully in. I love this about tea tree. It inspires a fresh attitude and is itself a breath of fresh air.

Getting beyond mundane interactions and into the heart of our relationships is something the regular use of tea tree inspires and in a psychic – or one who has intuitive sensitivities -- this gift is greatly appreciated. There is nothing more challenging than “feeling there is more to be said or revealed” between two people and yet somehow sensing a barrier to such revealing. You could say that tea tree helps to support the breaking down of walls between people so as to access the “true human” within us all.


In working with all plant medicines it is advised to lean to the side of caution as you do not know (until you try) how each person will respond. Tea tree oil is extremely potent and can be irritating to the skin or eyes and should therefore be used responsibly -- either diffused in the air or diluted in a base/carrier oil. Take care when using on children to dilute much more than you would on yourself. In fact, tea tree oil may be too potent for most children.


Although tea tree oil is a fantastic aid to assist the psychic in dealing with sensitivities and energies that often arise, it is – like the telepath – not for everyone. Some will feel “put off” by the scent of tea tree and wish it hadn't “infiltrated their space.” This is also so with the psychic person: some people are just not comfortable knowing others can feel what they feel. Use discretion and compassion in all situations and best of all, lean into your relationship with tea tree as you have your psychic gifts – with awe, appreciation and a bit of care.