Less is More: My Journey To Freedom from Things

Less is more in so many ways. I know…. It sounds contradicting, but trust me, there’s truth in those words.

There came a point in time in my life that I started noticing the things that really mattered to me on many levels. It wasn’t until I first hit the road that I had the initial shift. The truth is, I only had so much room in my vehicle, so space was limited; even though I had already given away so much, I still had too much. Initially, it was difficult for me to choose between what to leave behind and what to bring along. You have to determine and separate the wants from the needs.

In the beginning, I found myself donating a box full of my things just to turn around and unintentionally collect another box, having even more to sort through.

Over time, and with much trial and error, I had reduced my possessions to the extent that everything I owned could fit in the car, still leaving room for travel companions (and animals). I was even able to see out the rearview mirror. It was then that I realized just how far I had come from the days of an overflowing car with duffel bags strapped to the roof.

Purging unnecessary belongings can be tough, though it can also be very cathartic.. Not sure you are ready to clear the clutter? If I can do it, so can you! The first step? Ask yourself these questions below.

Things To Consider

To help myself work through my belongings there were several things to consider upon evaluation.

  1. How useful is the item at question?
  2. How often is the said item put to a good use?
  3. Should I really get a trailer so I can keep my _____?
  4. Is it worth carrying with you?
  5. In a case of emergency if I had to pick up and flee, will this item be something I pack during the commotion?
  6. Do I need it? If not, how much do I truly want it?
  7. How much of an impact am I making on the environment?
  8. Is there someone else who could benefit from this?
  9. Can this object serve multiple purposes?
  10. Why do you want it?

These 10 things considered led me to enlightenment. I found myself becoming happier and feeling lighter with every “thing” I let go of. Less really is more – less things mean more time, more money, more space to breathe and freedom to roam. For instance, it took less time to pack my belongings and load the car, but I had more time to visit loved ones. I had less stuff and more space, allowing me to help those who need a ride. There was less weight in the car, which provided more efficient gas mileage.

Less is more applies to more than just material items. Limiting certain things we enjoy can truly make a big difference in how much more we appreciate them. I noticed that the more often I binge watched television, the less I paid attention to what I was watching. The more ice cream I ate, the less of a treat it became. We live in a culture that has taught us not to savor what we have. Whatever pleasure sensor it is a person succumbs to the most can become something they take advantage of – and eventually you lose some of the appreciation you had for it.

I would say, at least for me personally, that living life with a Less is more attitude has really changed things for the better. I am happy to have less stuff and more time, more freedom. More fullness in my life – fullness that isn’t quantifiable by things or a price tag. It’s nice to know if I want to load up my car and drive a thousand miles just to see the Northern Lights, I can do so without an issue. I don’t have to find someone to keep an eye on my house or my stuff because it’s all with me. I drive a Subaru Impreza and my belongings and fur babies all fit quite nicely; I just pack up my things, including my tent and I’m home wherever I go. My life is now full of less worry and more security, less waste and more creation, and less dark with far more light.

My less is more journey has brought me a long way and through many beautiful transitions. If you have any questions about how you can start living life by the motto “Less is More” feel free to ask me in the comments -- I’d love to share some of my knowledge and experience.

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