Clear Quartz Crystal Entrainment Exercise

I first stumbled on the concept of “entrainment” during a Crystal Healing training. It is something many of us do naturally and most of us would love to be able to do with everyone we communicate with – or at least try to. I was thrilled to learn and then experience for myself how using clear quartz crystal with the right intention will help you to entrain to another person on such a level that is miraculous how well. Here is a brief clear quartz crystal entrainment exercise you can try any time!

What is Entrainment?

Entrainment is the process by which brainwaves align. It is as simple as that. When two people are connecting, easily and effortlessly, their brainwaves become entrained and at an advanced or very deep level of entrainment, telepathy and thought transmission is possible and probable.

Clear Qqartz crystals are programmable, right? They are used in computers because of this reason. They can also be programmed, cleared and reprogrammed with intention made by you. So, prior to using a quartz for this exercise it is important to clear your crystal of any previous intentions. We want to use the pure potential and qualities of the quartz and one of them is the ability to stimulate entrainment between two people.

Here is the exercise:

Obtain a cleared quartz crystal. It should be clear and it ought to have been cleared – meaning you soaked it in salt water, smudged it or buried it in the earth for a bit to remove any negative energies or previous intentions held in the stone. For specific clearing instructions, click here.

Next, hold the crystal – round/circular seem to work best for this exercise (but any clear quartz will do) -- and sit with the person you would like to entrain with. They can be aware you are doing this or not. Take a few deep breaths and become aware, consciously, of the stone in your hands and the vibration of it – as much as possible.

Take your attention next to the space in which the two of you are sitting and see if you can become aware of your combined fields and how they have intermingled. It is in this field that the quartz is also activated. The vibration and frequency of the stone is now superimposed over the two of you. Allow a couple of minutes for the stone to “work its magic” and bring coherence to your mutual fields.

Test the field over and over until you notice the entrainment take place. You can do this by asking certain questions you have in your mind and see how they respond. Notice how similar your thinking becomes. Try holding a question or thought in your mind and see if the conversation turns naturally to it. Be observant.

You may also approach this exercise by sitting in quiet meditation first, before conversing. In either case, the quartz aids in the combining of fields so as to bring both persons into vibrational harmony. This results in a brainwave match that allows for more conducive conversation.

Quartz crystals are known for their ability to bring clarity of mind and to enhance intention. By using quartz crystal with another person, relational hardships can be eased and shared ideas can be explored with greater joy and vigor as two minds thinking in harmony is a beautiful thing!