Moves to Inner Peace Series: Balasana

Life has a habit of getting in the way of your well thought out plans. You leave home deciding to do one thing, and distraction after distraction happens to throw off well thought out ideas.

How incredibly annoying!

It’s in times like these we most need to draw upon our inner peace. Unfortunately, these are the times it is hardest to find it.

Here are seven simple moves you can practice on a daily basis to find and keep your zen.

Move 1:

Child’s Pose - Balasana

Bala - Child

Asana - Posture

The balasana pose is one of surrender, innocence, and humility. It assumes the posture of a fetus curled and nestled in the comfort of its mother's womb.

It is a move that is very humble in its nature. It removes arrogance and ego, as it is impossible to feel defiant in such a posture.

It gives us a feeling of comfort and protection -- the kind only a loving mother can give. This position allows you to breathe fully and deeply, encouraging you to relax and let go.

Let’s take a look at how to do this pose and what it does for you.

Practice it:

•    Kneel on your mat

•    Spread your knees mat-width apart

•    Keep the tops of your feet on the mat and let your big toes touch

•    Keep your arms straight and elbows up

•    Press your palms firmly on the floor

•    Drop your buttocks to your heels

•    Relax arms out in front of you

•    Drop the forehead down towards the ground

•    Breathe deeply

•    Breathe into your spine and forehead to activate the Ajna chakra

•    Allow yourself to feel supported by the earth as you ground yourself

•    Feel yourself sink deeper as you inhale and exhale

•    Coming out, inhale and lengthen your torso over your spine

•    Rise, let the tailbone press into the pelvis and down towards your heels

Do this move daily, and practice for 1-3 minutes each session.



  • Balasana relaxes the head and neck
  • Increases the flexibility in your hips
  • Stretches the spine to its full length
  • Increases the circulation in your head, relieving headaches
  • Stretches your knees, ankles, thighs and lower back


  • Calms the mind and releases emotional tension
  • Helps you to experience clearer thoughts
  • Gives a sense of comfort
  • Examining self-limiting beliefs becomes easier


  • Stimulates the Ajna chakra- represents consciousness
  • Increases intuition
  • Helps you to see beyond the physical and understand the things happening around you


Do not practice if you have high blood pressure, diarrhea or knee injury

Add Balasana to your daily practice, make note of how you felt before beginning and how you are feeling after.

Photo Credit: Child's Pose | Balasana by Anne Wu is licensed under CC BY 2.0