5 Ways Raspberries Make You Beautiful

A rose by any other name is … a raspberry. The raspberry is a member of the same family as the rose and the blackberry.

When I think of all those Sunday afternoons as a child picking raspberries with my friends, it was always an adventure, navigating the cows and the thorns. Oh, the thorns! They exist on every inch of the plant except the berry itself – but all those nicks and scratches were well worth the effort, as you will soon see.The thorns, much like the rose thorn, remind us to be gentle towards each other, to be patient as we enter our pursuits. Your patient endeavors will soon yield sweet fruit.

Raspberries have a place in many histories. They are also inseparably linked to fertility. The story goes that Ida, Zeus’ nursemaid, pricked her finger while picking the berries, rendering them red for all eternity. In astrology they are thought of as a feminine plant, linked to Venus, its element being water. A deeply symbolic fruit, in Christian art it is said to symbolize kindness. I find it somewhat ironic, as the thorns are quite unkind to the unsuspecting picker.

So, how does raspberry make you beautiful inside and out? Let’s take a look at five ways raspberries can accomplish this.

1. Supports Smooth Skin- The ellagic acid found in raspberries is known to prevent collagen degradation and inflammatory responses caused by UV-B. The ellagic acid helps to slow down the aging process linked to UV exposure, helping you look younger for much longer.

The anthocyanin (a water-soluble pigment responsible for the deep purples and reds in plants, also a flavonoid) found in raspberries helps to protect against oxidative stress. It has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-carcinogenic, and neuroprotective properties.

It helps foster eye health, supports collagen and increases intercellular levels of vitamin C.

The support provided by these chemicals helps your heart to pump blood to your skin. The blood pumped to your skin contributes to the maintenance of collagen production. It also oxygenates the cells to protect them from premature aging.

2. Plumps Up Skin: When we think of collagen we usually associate it with youthful, firm skin and healthy nails. However, collagen contains conditional amino acids like arginine, glutamine, glycine and proline. The body produces these naturally under normal circumstances; however, during times of sickness, stress or unhealthy eating habits the body may not be able to natural deliver what the it needs.

These conditional amino acids ensure the body runs smoothly, helps to shrink the fat in the arteries to minimize accumulation, and helps build healthy DNA strands. Raspberries contain a high level of manganese, which is important in the production of collagen in the cells, giving you younger skin and narrow arteries.

3. Loves Your Liver: The health of your skin and the health of your liver are closely linked. Your liver produces energy that sustains thousands of functions that every cell in your body performs every minute of the day. If your liver fails to work at an optimal level, the toxic accretion usually comes out through the skin. This buildup can manifest in the form of dermatitis, acne, eczema, brown liver spots, premature aging, hives, psoriasis, painful rashes, and rosacea. The ellagic acid found in raspberries help to prevent the toxic build-up in the liver, leading to healthier liver function and more youthful skin.

4. Provides Mood Support: Raspberries contain folate that helps with brain support. The folate, along with a host of other health benefits, aids with the creation and absorption of neurotransmitters. This process of creating and absorbing neurotransmitters helps to support that good mood feeling, which is why it is often prescribed for expectant mothers to help with perinatal depression.

Raspberries are listed among the top 10 food sources of biotin.

Biotin helps to give us shiny hair, healthy nails, and great skin, but it also helps with nerve function and a deficiency in it could cause fatigue, insomnia, and depression.

Top up with raspberries to get a healthy dose of biotin for shiny hair and personality.

5. Eases Premenstrual Syndrome: Studies have found that persons who suffer from PMS are often deficient in calcium, chromium, copper, and manganese in their blood. One cup of raspberries contains 42% of the daily value of manganese needed. So, eating a serving of raspberries will help to alleviate the PMS torture often felt by some on a monthly basis.

How to Get the Most Out of Raspberries:

• The recommended serving size, offering the optimal nutritive value is 1 cup per serving.

• Try adding it to your cereal or fruit salad, as a snack or in smoothies.

• Always choose organically grown, fresh raspberries and wash them thoroughly before eating.

• Eat them fresh and try to consume within 2- 3 days of purchase.

• When storing, keep them in a single layer, as piling them will spoil them more quickly. (Spread them on a plate/tray and cover with a paper towel)

Adding raspberries to your daily diet will help you look young, feel healthy and energetic, think clearly and have glowing skin.

There we have it, the little berry that packs a big punch.