How To Attain Inner Peace

In a world in which fear reigns (at least they want to make us believe that), it is not a solution to fight this fear - fighting generates more struggle and fear.

I do not mean that we should close our eyes, although with the current propaganda in the media this is often a good solution (the actual destruction/death by terrorism in Europe is very insignificant compared to other causes of death).

If we want to do something, it is best to first find in us the peace that we want to see in the world. After that we can still be active - conversely, it seems rather questionable to me, because how can you find peace with inner rage?

How do we find inner peace?

We can find resonance in us, or learn through suitable energy methods. Then we learn to maintain this energy, regardless of external circumstances. We wear the energy as a kind of shield, an energetic sphere of peace around us in everything we do. Thus we neutralize any fear, anger, or any other attacks from the outside and carry through our own resonance to a world at peace.

To strengthen our sphere of peace, the following meditation can be performed:

Go into your heart. Feel the peace and love there … let all emotions and thoughts pass. After a few minutes, imagine you are in a place of silence and peace. You can think back to a situation in which you have experienced this, or you can create a new place of peace. It does not matter if this place is fictitious - it is the resonance and the feeling you have that is crucial.

Allow this feeling to expand, thereby displacing all other emotions. If these other emotions arise, you ask them gently, yet determinedly, to go. And in doing so, you further strengthen the energy-ball around yourself.

You will be surprised what effects this simple exercise will have on you and those around you - it is nice to observe, for example, in public spaces, or in the office, when it once again becomes a bit hectic or aggressive.

Thus you have a simple intervention possibility in which you have to do nothing at all … and a passive, loving way to bring about peace in silence.

Thank you for reading this article - and have fun trying out the method!

This article has been translated from German into English by Cody Minnich