Follow Your Heart Using Acupressure

There is a connection between our arms, hands, and upper back and our heart center: our arms, hands, and upper back are a reflection of our heart. There are four meridians in Chinese medicine that run through both of our arms and hands on each side of our body. These meridians, Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium, and Triple Warmer, are all contained in the element of Fire. Do you ever feel like there is something separating you from your greatest joy in life? Is there a boundary which keeps you from connecting with other people? Have you lost your passion or fire for life? If so, then the acupressure points in these meridians may help you reconnect to life.

I used to work in resorts & spas doing therapeutic massage. I enjoyed working with people one-on-one, but there was a part of me that felt this was not my right path in life. I kept pushing myself to keep this job even during the recession in 2008 when spa work was slowing down.  I was afraid of what to do next with my career. That stress got stuck in my arms and I developed tendonitis. Eventually I had to call in sick to work because my arms were inflamed with tendonitis. It was the Fire meridians that were the most affected for me during that time. According to body reading psychology, it was my arms that were telling me that the spa work was not my path anymore. My heart was not into doing oil massages. Sometimes changes can be hard to make, but holding acupressure points and doing yoga can help lead us into making changes, new ideas, and courageous decisions.

When I had tendonitis the acupressure points that I used the most were Pericardium 6 and Triple Warmer 7.  You can hold these points together.  (Photos below) These two acupressure points help harmonize your inner and outer worlds. They also help calm the mind and lessen anxiety and help us share more love in our relationships. These acupressure points also help ease wrist and finger pain and prevent spasms in the arms and elbows. Acupressure points work on many different levels!

I eventually left my spa massage jobs, and after I did, I got more opportunities to teach yoga and work with people doing acupressure. Follow your passions and desires and dreams in life. Nourish yourself by holding acupressure points and listening to your body. Our bodies are always talking to us, and we can always be in the process of learning how to be a better listener!