Vedic Astrology For Nov 25-Dec 1: The Blessing Of Staying On Track

Planetary Transits & Cosmic Interplay for the week of Nov 25-Dec 1


This is one of the weeks where I look at the bigger picture of the influence of the planets instead of focusing on one particular conjunction because there will be strong similarities between what is going on in the sky.  The energy of the planets is manifesting this week with a strong focus on discipline and reconnecting with our previously established goals for various reasons.  Mars is very prominent this week, and the cornerstone of what is being indicated; hence we will start with exploring its nature first.


Red-Eyed Mars

The energy of Mars is that of initiating action and applying one’s energy and will.  The way this plays out is in a very singular and straight path, much akin to a horse with blinders on its eyes.  Mars knows what it wants and plots the course to get its agenda accomplished in the fewest number of steps possible.  Mars abhors distractions and keeps its eyes on the prize, so to speak.  While this way of applying energy surely has its pitfalls, it also is a major boon, especially in the sense of working towards one’s aspirations and achieving one’s ambitions and goals.  In fact, in a Vedic astrological text called Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra, Mars is depicted as being “red-eyed.”  This is not necessarily a physical description or trait but is referencing the intensity and focus of Mars and the way its energy helps one to stay on course.

Mars, Saturn, & Discipline

At this time this week, we have Saturn giving its special full aspect to Mars.  This is considered to be a “special” aspect because it is not mutual and is not reciprocated by Mars aspecting Saturn at all.  This is actually a positive thing as compared to in the past when we had Mars and Saturn in the same sign of Capricorn where Saturn was more restricting Mars and Mars was frustrating Saturn.  It was causing a narrow focus, like what is happening now with Saturn’s aspect to Mars, but in a way that was more limiting and constricting and not necessarily conducive to producing much positive benefit. 

Typically, Saturn’s influence is said to be a negative thing as it causes restriction and brings about limitations (as I just discussed).  This limitation can cause a whole slew of negative effects depending upon which planet is being affected.  The key in this situation is that in looking at the natural relationships of the planets involved, we see that Mars receives Saturn’s aspect as neutral, meaning it will neither hinder nor hurt Mars.  What is happening here, though, is that the qualities of Saturn will get passed on to Mars in a manner that will not inhibit Mars from achieving its agenda.  So, Mars will take on some Saturnian qualities and mix these with how it manifests its energy.  This will bring the strength of discipline as both of these planets are related to it.

A great example of Mars’s relationship to discipline is shown when we think about the martial arts.  Masters in the martial arts are not people who actively seek out fights and problems; they are people who only use their physical skill when it’s necessary and, when they choose to do so, it is accomplished not with the intention of physical harm, but to subdue an opponent in the quickest and most effective fashion.  This is the discipline of Mars—to only apply energy where it is most effective and only when it is needed most.  

Saturn represents discipline as well, but in a different particular fashion.  Saturn is about staying within an established set of parameters and not venturing outwards.  There is a certain simplicity of Saturn’s energy in which it doesn’t want to waste any effort or energy and chooses a path that has either already worked for one before or has been set out before the individual like a workplan given by one’s boss.  The aspect of discipline here is that of not straying out of the box and of being content within an established set of parameters. 

This aspect of Saturn upon Mars really brings about a structured and regimented application of one’s energy.  Like the example I gave earlier of Mars being like a horse with blinders on, Saturn’s additional aspect to Mars really helps for an individual to go about implementing their energy and pursuing their goals in a very focused and non-distraction oriented way.  It is about being disciplined enough to stay within one’s range of efficacy.  This range is typically something that has already been established and has worked before.  In a sense, and we shall see confluence to this factor as we progress, this combination is about returning to what has already worked before and continuing onwards with it.

Saturn, Ketu, Capricorn, & Rigidity

Also, at this time we have Saturn and Ketu both in the sign of Capricorn.  Saturn is said in Vedic Astrology to be the ruler of the sign of Capricorn.  With this being the case, the essence of Saturn that is represented by that of Capricorn will be very strongly present.  To keep in context with this influence of Mars by Saturn, the element that is most important with this placement is that of structure and rigidity.  Ketu itself is a planet that is very inhibiting because it represents an established paradigm that one is most comfortable in and has well developed previously.  With all this in mind, this combination shows a sort of staying close to home with what is safe and that which is tried and tested and wanting to stay in this comfort zone. 

This really further enhances this previous discourse of Mars and Saturn and shows us that during this time that staying on track and maintaining one’s course will be strongly indicated.  This is not the time to necessarily wander around and be absorbed by distractions, as was indicated last week, but is the time of course correction back to what is important that one is working on.  It is about realigning one’s actions within the context of working towards their goals and purpose and revisiting past methods of success and using this to get back on course.  While this may seem unnerving to a certain degree because this combination of energies is definitely not one of encouraging creativity and stimulating change, it can actually be quite comforting because it can indicate a time of progressing ahead on an established course.  This can be like feeling renewed after a lengthy vacation and being able to appreciate the work that one has to do in the world and reconnecting with why they are doing that work in the first place.

Retrograde Mercury & the Snowglobe

The beauty of Mercury’s retrogression is that it brings about a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of working on what’s important in life.  Often times it brings about problems such as issues with communication, but this is so that we can correct and make things better.  It typically highlights things that aren’t working so we can improve them, as the gist of Mercury’s energy is to make things better and more efficient.  Sadly, the fact is that sometimes the snowglobe of one’s life needs to be shaken up in order for them to be able to see what they really need to be doing.  The key with Mercury’s retrogression this week is that it comes out of Sagittarius where the Sun and Jupiter are (as described last week) and moving into Scorpio where it will no longer be affecting them.  With Mars becoming the focal point of a lot of energy this week, we can see that this conundrum of distraction is being wiped away and this is the time of course correction to begin.  It’s like a fog will be finally lifting and one will be able to go about their business again.

Released Back to the Wild

To put it all together, the gist of the overarching planetary energy this week is that of finally getting back to what’s important and continuing on along our path after some form of disruption.  Trivialities and distractions will have abounded us, both in the form of curiosities as well as problems of minutiae, and this will finally be lifted.  This will give rise to a renewed sense of discipline and focus.  Sometimes life can become too mundane and we lose track of our sense of purpose that got us on our path to begin with.  This is where disruption can actually be helpful because it can help us to return and to reconnect with our bigger goals and more clearly focus on exactly what we are aspiring to achieve.  And this time is now.  Enjoy it while it’s here in spades.  That is, until the next set of attractive disruptions comes about.