Astrology For Aug 19-25: Mars & Saturn In Capricorn—Again!

Planetary Transits & Cosmic Interplay for the week of Aug 19–25

In mid-May Mars had entered Aquarius where it joined with Ketu and became a part of the eclipse, but this week it goes back into Capricorn where Saturn is slowly grinding through.  When the planets outside of Earth’s orbit (i.e., Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn) go retrograde, it tends to bring about a certain revisiting of a part of life.  This becomes especially true when a planet comes back into a sign that it had already transited through and is even more so the case if the same planets were there before it moved forward.  If this sounds confusing, then let me simplify it by saying that Mars is now conjunct in the same sign as Saturn again

Revisiting Hard Work

Having Saturn in Capricorn with Mars provides us with multiple indications and the first one I’m going to talk about is that of hard work.  Hard work can be looked at through a variety of different lenses from different perspectives.  Some people relish in getting their hands dirty and doing whatever it takes whereas others avoid it all costs and want to do as little as possible.  The key to hard work is that it requires one to get engaged with the process and is time consuming. 

Now, as far as with what’s being shown here, it’s that there are going to be some situations where one is going to be revisiting something they had applied themselves in, or perhaps didn’t, that is resurfacing now.  The key here is to not pass judgment on the situation and get angry or frustrated because one thought they were finished with putting their energy into it.  Sometimes things just need more attention than we would like them to.  This can definitely be the case here.

Another aspect of this time is that Saturn creates problems for Mars because it brings about obstacles and delays to one utilizing their energy efficiently and effectively, especially in the manner in which they intend.  Mars brings about an intense energy of wanting to get things done and move on to the next task and not think about the previous thing that it had done.  Mars does not entangle itself with the consequences and ramifications of its action.  With Saturn in the picture though, Mars gets pulled into having to deal with those things.  This can cause frustration because of having to fix some broken things or deal with some collateral damage that they have created with their actions.  This can either cause the aforementioned frustration or it can bring with it a sense of not wanting to use one’s energy because of the dread of having to deal with everything that comes with it.

Procrastination & The Fear of Failure

With this being said, it can also be a time where one is revisiting things that they had put off.  They may have procrastinated because of not wanting to put in effort as talked about before, but it can also be because of a couple other reasons.  Saturn can bring with it an energy of restriction and limitations and with Mars can cause procrastination because someone may feel like no matter what they do it will never be good enough.  It can feel like they are too limited and have a sense of incapability in even taking action or initiative to get things started.  Essentially, the procrastination can stem from a fear of failure.

The flip side to this coin is that it can also bring about the opposite energy whereas one is relentless and never stops.  This is the motivational side of having an innate fear of failure being prevalent where one always feels somewhere deep internally that they will never be good enough with what they do so they apply themselves constantly to such a degree that they just don’t stop even when success has been had.  This energy can make greatly successful people and this conjunction in Capricorn can indicate times where one is really burning the midnight oil to get things done and reaches a new height or level of success due to this vigilance. 

Frustration That Stems From Impatience

I touched on frustration earlier.  A standard hallmark of a Mars and Saturn conjunction is the frustration that stems from impatience.  Essentially, Mars is go and Saturn is stop.  These two planets are quite opposites in this regard.  This conjunction in Capricorn can almost feel like one is stuck in the mud, so to speak, where everything they do is getting them nowhere, at least from their perspective.  During this time progress may seem slower than what is expected by one. 

Remember at the start of this article where I talked about hard work?  Now, if you also take into consideration everything that I’ve mentioned about fear of failure, impatience, incapability, and procrastination, you can start to see the nature of the hard work indicated by the conjunction of Mars and Saturn.  It’s not just simple hard work like having to rake the leaves, it’s more about dealing with the psychological factors and situations that come with trying to use one’s energy to accomplish that which they wish to achieve and having to face the obstacles that will come about as a result.  The remedy for this period in time is to pour oneself a tall cup of gratitude and add a heaping teaspoon of acceptance because, like the popular saying goes—it is what it is.  Difficulties, obstacles, delays, and their ilk are a part of the process and sometimes the only way to deal with them is to just see them for what they are, to know that everything will happen in its own time, and that all we can do is just our little part.  In fact, with that being said, make it two heaping teaspoons of acceptance.