August Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio

Scorpio Horoscope August 2018: 


Health: Your main goal this month is to heal that child that has been hurting as long as you can remember. If you cannot remember because you have repressed those thoughts, then consider speaking with someone who can help you to find those issues that have plagued you your whole life. Even though communication is not easy for you – and lately seems even harder to do – that does not mean that this cannot be accomplished. Even if you write a letter to that child you were in the past, tell that child they were innocent that they were not to blame for what they did not know. If you do not address these issues, you could be forced to go to a place that would not make you happy. As hard as it might seem, once you get those skeletons out of your closet, you can start to heal, mentally and emotionally and you will have positive changes in your life.

Wealth: As much as you like to gamble, only gamble with what you have to lose. Knowing that wealth is not monetary and there are things that are worth more than money, you can start investing in those things for a safe return – namely yourself. Things are just things and can be replaced; possessions are only good while you are here on Earth. So, this month, concentrate on your worth and you will have more riches than money can buy. If you are in a job that you do not like, or, if you do like the job but not the amount of money that you are paid for that work, then consider opening your mouth and asking for that raise. You might be surprised by the end of the month and you will be rewarded for speaking up regarding the benefits that you bring to your boss.

Happiness: When you realize that you are your own best friend, and that people will treat you as good as you treat yourself, then maybe you will start treating yourself a little better. You do not always tell your friends how much you appreciate them, and if they do not understand that it is just your secretive self, they might take it personally. As hard as it is, tell your friends how much they mean to you. When you do that, you will make their day and you will see that sharing emotions can be beneficial to your healing and your emotional growth. Do not be surprised if an unexpected relationship starts to bloom. In remembering that we attract what we are putting out: if you do not heal yourself, the possibility of attracting someone with lots of their own wounds is greater.

Overall outcome: As hard as it usually is to communicate, and with the energies making it even harder, look for other ways to get your challenging issues out of yourself. If you continue to find it hard to communicate with other people, then why not write a book to that inner child to release all that negative energy that you have been withholding for too long? If you write it in a fictional manner and market it as such, you might find that you have a best seller that others can come forward saying they too can relate to those deep dark secrets that you thought you were the only one who had experienced. Start with that first line, that first paragraph, that first chapter, and see if you do not start to feel better just by getting it out of you.