August Monthly Horoscope: Pisces

Pisces Horoscope August 2018: 


Health: Looking after your health is your responsibility, and you know what needs to be done. If you do not, then do some research on healthy lifestyles. Talk to others who have the knowledge, how you can best heal yourself. If you have taken good care of yourself until now, then keep doing it. If you have not taken care of yourself, you are going to wish that you would have. Start now! Outside tends to manifest as illness inside, so looking at what is going on around you can help find the problems that you might have. If you have not cleaned out your skeleton closet by the beginning of the month, not getting rid of the inner torment and the things that you have held close to your heart will affect your health at the end.

Wealth: With the possibilities of sudden changes in fortune, try not to use the material things as emotional security. Working harmoniously with others will also bring a financial reward. Just because financial increase is on the horizon, try not to let it change who you really are inside. You will be busy acquiring knowledge and skill and if you do not own your own business, you will be researching what it takes to be self-employed. Stay your optimistic Self and you can make great strides in August. You have waited a long time for these possibilities to appear. You know who your friends are – they are the ones who loved you when you did not have any money. Hopefully your money will not change them either. You now have the resources to fulfill your dreams so go for it.

Happiness: It is said that money cannot buy you happiness, but that does not mean that your increase in finances cannot help others to become as happy as you are. By sharing the wealth, you can bring happiness into the lives of others, too. Service is good for the soul – blessing others either financially or inspirationally will only add to your happiness. So, go out and have fun, do good, be good, and set the example for others. Dealing with your inner fears of loss, depression, and pain will help you realize that your strength needed to be gained through trying times. You will soon understand this was all just part of a divine plan. There are possibilities of a new relationship coming into your life if you are single. If you are in a relationship, then treat it like a new relationship by flirting and doing new things with each other.

Overall outcome: Looking good feeling good and wanting others to look and feel the same. There are so many possibilities this month, you keep pinching yourself to see if you are in a dream or if the blessings are really happening to you. You are now standing at the top of the mountain after much hardship and work to get there, but the view is beautiful and even though you do not want to start over again, you are happy that you took the high road to get there. Old acquaintances will want to reunite with you. Just remember if they hurt you in the past, look to see what has changed in them. Because if nothing changes, nothing changes and now that you look better than ever, you do not have to settle for less.