August Monthly Horoscope: Libra

Libra Horoscope August 2018: 


Health: You are starting to see clearer the things that you need to do for better health. One of the things that you need to understand is that worry is a wasted energy. If you were to use that energy in prayer and meditation, it would be more beneficial. The only thing that worry can do is make you sicker. So, do not worry. If you are looking for the solution to a problem and you have found what the problem is, half the battle has already been won. It is important to understand that most of our problems from our childhood compound until they are addressed. So, look in that skeleton closet as to those secrets that have kept you sick. If you cannot share those pains, then write them down on a piece of paper, burn them and set them free by scattering them into moving water and release them. Allow what was in the past to stay in the past and move forward. Remember we are only as sick as our secrets. Love yourself and heal your body.

Wealth:  Play your cards right and keep them close to your vest. When people see your cash flow, they will want to be your friends. Not for who you are but for what you have, and what you could give them. Trust your gut when dealing with people. That does not mean to be stingy. If you can help someone and have the resources, then give from the bottom of your heart. If you are looking for career changes, helping others will bring a nice pay off in more ways than one. You are starting to see more clearly the kind of work would make you happy. If you stay stuck in a job that you do not like but you stay for the money, then what is that job worth if it were to impact your health? Unexpected money through other people is also a possibility, so do not be surprised when that check turns up in the mail.

Happiness: Having fun with everyone could be a motto of yours. You love with a passion even if your ideas in courtship are unusual. By sitting in the corner watching people, you are attracted to the ones who show self-confidence. The ones who will pursue you turn you on all the time, but do not always assume that they are the best ones for you. Your goal is to find out why they want you. Is it for your money, or is it because they appreciate you for who you are, and not for what you have and can give to them. That is not advice against sharing –  you just need to weed out those who are with you for devious means and who are with you because of who you are inside. Friends are important to you, and those that you can confide in with your secrets are devoted friends. So, if you would like to know who those loyal friends are, tell them something and then listen to see if it is repeated by anyone in your circle. If they break your trust, then you will know they are acquaintances and when you want to spread gossip you will know who to go to first.

Overall outcome:  Finding those hidden enemies will be on your agenda. Once you know who you can trust, it will make your life happier. That goes for your home life also. Things changing in your home will be a long-term energy that you are dealing with. What is in your control, what needs to be found,  and what you need to let go of. Forgiving those who have harmed you is important – not for them but for you and your health. Always remember that home is where your heart is, and you will feel at home wherever you are.