August Monthly Horoscope: Leo

Leo Horoscope August 2018: 


Health: Remember to be good to you this month and do not be self-destructive. Letting go of resentments will be important for good health. New health regimens are important, and should not be delayed lest problems can occur. Dealing with your inner fears needs to be addressed, or depression can occur. Once you have identified these fears, you can overcome them. Most of our insecurities stem from our childhood, so go back and look at your first hurt that you can remember and forgive those who harmed you. If you cannot share the pain with someone else, then write down the experience on a piece of paper then burn it and set it free in moving water so it can hurt you no more. Remember, karma will take care of those who have harmed you, so don’t worry – they will get their just reward, and you do not have to play the victim anymore.

Wealth: Express what you would want, and you just might get it. Remember that money does buy happiness and should not be the only goal. A new possession might make you feel happy in the moment, but that does not mean it can make you happy the rest of your life without wanting even more. You might find if you buy something for someone else, the happiness you feel is worth more than the cost itself. So be generous with others this month, but give with no expectation of return. If you give with expectations, that can cause resentment – not worth the price you paid.

Happiness: If you hold others accountable for your happiness, you are bound to be unhappy. The only one who can make you happy is yourself. If you are still dragging around the baggage from your childhood, this will lessen the room that you have for happiness in your life. Does your partner reflect your insecurities, or do they help you to overcome them? Would you rather be happy, or right? Whether your partner is dominating, or you dominate your partner, an unequal yolk makes it difficult to plow new ground and you will continue to go in circles. Staying in a an unhappy relationship can cause you to play the victim, which is self-serving in some form. If you want to be happy in an unhappy relationship, then the end of the month just might force you to make that decision for happiness in your life. Be good to yourself and you might find your partner will treat you the same. Friends do not intentionally hurt one another – and if a partner is your friend, they will want the best for you and that is the kind of partner you need. So, do not settle for less and you will have no one to attribute your own happiness toward but yourself.

Overall outcome: This is a month for changes, whether it be in your relationships or in your career, the goal is to be happy. Do not take unnecessary risks in your work even if it brings you material gain. You can improve your work conditions by using your innovative ideas, working hard, and paying attention to detail. If you do not make these changes yourself, they could be changed for you. Taking time out for a vacation or even a mini vacation will allow you to refresh yourself and you will have a clearer mind to make better decisions for a better outcome.