August Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius

Aquarius Horoscope August 2018: 


Health: Try not to be so critical on yourself and search for flaws that are not there. Look at your self-imposed fears and see how they can help others. Concentrate on being the best person that you can be, and convert your anger into energy for good. Remember: when you are trying to save the world, you must save yourself first. Do not keep things bottled up inside of you. If you do and allow something to shake you up, it can be explosive and do no one any good. If something is bothering you, learn how to communicate it to others – getting things off your chest will be beneficial. If you are not being good to you, you might consider the vices that have been taking you down. If you are living to someone else’s lower expectation, you are only hurting yourself.

Wealth: With possibilities of money coming from other people, the confusion of what to do with it is clearer now. Use it to help yourself first – you have the drive and determination to succeed as long as you do not allow others to stop you. Multiple job opportunities have you wondering which direction to go. If you are deciding to go for higher education, then do not allow anything or anyone to stop you. With your goal of helping others always in the back of your mind, you can be the inspiration to the underdogs, when you share what you are hiding in your skeleton closet. When you heal your past wounds and you talk about the pain that you experienced, then you can kill two birds with one stone. You need to be happy at your work –  if you are not, then is it worth the money that you are being paid?

Happiness: The challenge to be ourselves is a never-ending process throughout our lives. If there is a feeling of detachment, or if you have an unsettled home life, if you are not being yourself it will make things more difficult to be happy. Communication between your partner can be strained, so it is more important than ever to speak your mind. Remember to say what you mean, mean what you say, and try not to say it mean and do not say it in a fashion to intentionally hurt someone. Words said in anger cannot be taken back. The unsettled feeling that you have on the home front will be with you for a while, so learn to deal with it, but do not let it rock the boat when your happiness is at stake.

Overall outcome: This is going to be a period of growth. Between the restlessness in your home and the skeletons that are still in your closet, there will be challenges that you need to overcome. Just remember that communications with others is the most important thing that you have to address. There will be people who like to challenge your authority, and your goal is learning how to keep your cool. This energy that is going to last for a few years -- though it won’t always be this challenging, and after August, you will be saying sighing out a breath of relief. Learning to go with the flow will help your nervous system –  if you stay too rigid and have not learned to compromise the challenges will be greater.