July Monthly Horoscope: Virgo


Don't be so critical and hard-headed—it’s time to be open and start loving your beauty instead of judging your flaws. When you balance your emotions and do not consider your material possessions as more important, you will feel much better.

Even though you rarely reveal your true feelings, you are very blunt when you do. What is the wish to learn that you feel the urge to more than before? What would you like to learn about you? Take considerable pride in your home and your family. Be careful that you are not too controlling with your family, friends, and others around you. Even if you do take pleasure seriously and you are more reserved than usual, you always enjoy helping others and now is no different. You cannot do your job because of others. You might want to consider a job where your talents can be of better use—one where you have control over the precision that needs to be of the professional quality that you want.

Try to be wary of choosing partners that you need to rescue. You seek the ideal partner, but that does not mean that you can change them. So look for your equal and not the possibility that a partner could be perfect if you can change them. The challenge to change others always changes ourselves. Will we become less than or will we become greater than? Because of the possibility of change in ourselves, try not to be so impulsive when you are spending another person’s money. Have you not learned that lesson? Be wise with the money and do not always count on it to be there—save it for a rainy day. You have new ideas, so why not share them with others? Just because you do not see your ideas as perfect does not mean that someone else might not see the greater potential—speak up!

Being flexible in your career will bring great accomplishments, instead of the constant challenge to the perfection that might be hard to achieve. You love your friends and you always take care of them—when you feel good, you want others to feel the same. You are that freedom fighter for others, for the underdog. The need to be practical and suppress your feelings is even stronger than usual, but try to share your words of empathy. To be of service to other people develops your imagination. If you have a ditty that comes into your mind for a love song, grab that pen and write it down—you never know when the words might come in handy. There are always others who need a good message in love, even if it is not to music—words create music when they are spoken, and words from the heart always have the greatest impact on others.