July Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio

Scorpio zodiac sign for your astrology horoscope


Your usual secretive self has been yearning to be that comfy leader that others think you are, but you have not been willing (until recently) to fill the shoes that other see you in. Watch your gambling this month. Do not gamble what you do not have to lose. You try to stay reserved and do not always express your feelings, but recently you have been more open with expressing your knowledge and precision in your communication.

Are you thinking of moving this month or are you deciding to renovate where you live? Are you expanding and need more room? If you put effort into beautifying your home, it will bring a higher value.

What kind of fun are you planning for this month? Are you now willing to get out into the world and have fun? Now is a time to use your creative energy, whether it is for fun or for work. What are you doing with that creative energy? Unless you express it, you will be restless. Are you healing others in your work, or are you focusing on your health and healing those wounds that you have been carrying?

Your idea of relationships has you considering unique partnerships, rather than the same kind of person. Would you like to bring a little spice into your relationships? If it is no harm to anyone, why not try something new just once.

Do you have that urge to look where your ancestry come from? Are you getting more interested in learning more about the foreign lands where your ancestry comes from, did you always wonder why you would do things in a particular form and fashion? You just might find out that it was a part of your ancestry that you did not know prior.

Are you considering a different career? One that takes on more responsibilities, one that you have a passion for? If you want to do something new, or change the situation in your career, then speak up. If you do not love your career, then why work where you can't call your work fun? You have some great ideas, but if you keep them to yourself, how can you share them? Speak up!

You can be critical of your friends and coworkers, so remember acceptance is the answer to your problems. If you cannot change the situation or the person, accept the way things are, instead of taking them personally. If there is someone causing tension with other friends or in your career, think of how can you improve the harmony and be that go between for peace. Take off your rose-colored glasses and look and see what things need to change to help everyone. It is a great month to step out of your box of conformity to what and whom others think that you should be. Have fun, live by example, and others will want what you have.



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