July Monthly Horoscope: Sagittarius

Sagittarius zodiac sign for your astrology horoscope


Fun, fun, fun—but what has that fun cost you in the past? Have you given up on your creativity? How does your fun cost you in ways that have hurt you or others? Has that fun cost you money even though you usually handle your resources wisely?

Your ambition to succeed is in the forefront, just remember success is not always monetary. While your communication can be erratic, when you are speaking the truth it can also be too blunt or rude during this time. So, remember to say what you mean, mean what you say, just try not to say it in a mean way.

When you are talking to your family members, try not to sugar coat what you would really like to express for their sake and try not to keep it held within too tightly because it will not do anyone good. You are a faithful worker, and even though you rarely like to change jobs, you have developed innovative ideas in your work and in your health routines.

How can you use what you have learned to help others? It might be in an unusual way, but when they see the difference it has made in your life, they will be more willing to try it in their lives, so live by example. You love to have freedom in your relationships—you only want to settle down when it is with the perfect one. Do not forget to have fun, but do not let others think that it is serious when it is not your highest motive to have a relationship—it needs expressed as such. If childhood issues are holding you back, find the problem and forgive others for not being perfect, and try to do better than was your example in childhood. The search for higher meaning will come out of the self-investigation from childhood—where is that pain, and how can you turn it into a growing of yourself? Look for the truth and be optimistic in overcoming the challenges that you have allowed to stop you in the past.

Are you searching for that higher knowledge? If you choose not to go back to school, then consider the wealth of knowledge that can be found in your local library. If you are looking to travel to foreign countries but cannot afford the trip, then study and learn about foreign countries in the videos and books that you find in your local library. This will benefit you and those in your life. The social status that you have been looking for will naturally come out and you can be the inspiration to society. You have always been that social butterfly and friends have always looked at what you do and say. So remember to be that inspiration for others to see the spiritual meaning. Try to find this meaning without prejudice, and good fortune will come by your exposure of the dark side. Expose the skeletons in the closet that too many choose to stay in as a victim, rather than victor and be an inspiration to others! In turn, you will feel fantastic for doing so.


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