July Monthly Horoscope: Pisces

Pisces zodiac sign for your astrology horoscope



This is a month for possibilities, just remember to take the spiritual approach over the practical one. The practical one might cause you a little confusion because you intuitively know and sympathize with others—just do not absorb too much of their negative energy. You might see material things as emotional security and wonder why you are not happy with monetary gain. That could be because you have given away more of you than you should have. This month, there is a focus on overcoming the obstacles you have, rather than focusing on where you have stumbled or failed.

Innovative ideas are there for your taking, so do not put them off because others cannot see your vision. Are you once again considering a new move? Always remember that home is where your heart is, so if you are happy in your heart, then you are always at home. If home is not happy, then maybe something is telling you it is time to move once again. Emotional ties with children could be in the spotlight this month. Since you love to entertain, when someone asks you about throwing a party for children do not hesitate to bring your ability for a fun time for everyone. Doing so might make you even more in demand for your work. Since you like being your own boss, party planning sounds delicious. You always take pride in your work, and you enjoy making sure that everyone has an enjoyable time. Remember that everyone is a child at heart, so in your party planning never forget the inner child that wants to come out to play, too. You might be busy getting new knowledge and skills to do that, but you will take pleasure in a job well done.


When you look at your relationships/partnerships you need to be steady but remember not to sacrifice yourself for a partner just to make them a partner. They must return the same amount of energy that you give them, otherwise you will be disappointed. And remember: if you are with the wrong one, the right one will always pass you by. Do not settle for less or you might be single longer.


You always work harmoniously or try to work harmoniously with others. You have strong opinions and convictions and your high moral code might be pushing you to higher learning or traveling, which can make a difference in other people's lives. You are after all that humanitarian who wants to see good for everyone and not only for a few.


Being optimistic as a leader will help others see the leadership abilities in you. Your serious friendships have a requirement and expectation for them to be committed and sincere in your friendship, and you will motivate them to change for the better. Your friends’ loyalty is necessary—if your friends are not loyal, those who are not will be leaving your life at the end of the month, and you can say goodbye with no regrets.


You love adventure but try not to escape into yourself for that adventure, unless you are taking the time to go and meditate, and then use that energy for good. Being an inspiration and leading by example will bring you rewards. Seeing and having innovative ideas for change to help others in society will play at the forefront of your work and career this month. Just remember not to short yourself in your potential financial earnings. Allow someone to make you an offer, and surprisingly they might offer you more than you thought your work was worth, because they see your ability!



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