July Monthly Horoscope: Leo


Loud and proud, if you got it flaunt it. You are becoming more comfortable in your own skin! And when you are comfortable in your own skin, you feel great about yourself and your uniqueness! When you use your unique talents, you will gain financially. Things are looking very good, so be proud of your accomplishments, but do not settle for less—look to achieve even greater accomplishments. You might be out front and eager to go on the outside, but in your own home you like it quiet. Are you considering another place to live, or are you fixing up where you live now and expanding even more?

Helping others always makes you feel good. Be careful that you do not give more of yourself than you need to give. In relationships/partnerships you are always sacrificing, and if you get back what you give, you feel great! But remember to look at where you’re self-sacrificing in order to look good on the outside—this may not be in line with benefits to your inside. Having that great looking partner could be a detriment, and if they are not a friend, you know instinctively that they are not good for you. You enjoy many partners, but those who are close need to be friends for you to feel good in your relationships. Too many partners who are not your friends will leave you drained.

These could be the lessons that you are learning now: to look back and see where your pain came from. Finding the problem can lead to finding solutions in your career, but again, be wary of showiness. Do your work from your heart and not always for the reward, even though a reward is what makes you feel good. If you wait for that pat on the back and it does not come, do not find your worth from someone else, for helping others less fortunate is good when it is done behind the scenes and no one knows but you and that higher source that lately you have been listening to, more than questioning why.

Have you decided to work in an institution or in some manner to help others? Do you see new ways to help those less fortunate and the underdog? Do you see ways that money can be utilized in a greater way in order to help others? If you stay quiet and think that someone else will also have a great idea, then you might only be fooling yourself. You have the talent, you have the courage in which to create profound change in the world, so why keep quiet? It is time to roar—you are the king of the jungle, even if you are a kitty cat at home.