July Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn

Capricorn zodiac sign for your astrology horoscope


The pressure that is placed upon you from yourself, along with your more reserved attitude in life, are themes this month. Are you still trying to be forceful and control things that you can’t? Where are those lessons that you have learned in the past? Are you now considering self-employment? Do you have the drive to change the things that you can, and let go of those things that you cannot?

You have an intuition for making money, so do not let anything stop you if that is what you really want to do with your life. Just try not to be too guarded in your communications on the home front. What is the healing that needs to be done? This is a momentous time in everyone's lives—to look at our wounds from the past in order to heal them. Where is the pain that comes from the home that has needed healing for a long time? Are you expecting to be the king or queen of your home, and found some disappointment in not appearing that way? Are people challenging you for that position?

You are passionate and possessive of partners—but is it time to allow them their freedom as you like your freedom? What new hobbies and pleasures have been brought to your attention? It is time to let go and let the Good Orderly Direction play out in your life. For example, when you think of innovative ideas for creative projects, do not automatically think it is impossible or too hard. Yes, you like to work and would make a very good salesperson if you are selling something that you see as having value.

You might seek validation for your worth through other people in relationships and partnerships, but when we do that, we sometimes become disappointed. Try not to value yourself in the eyes of others. You are always open to topics of life and death, and this month is no exception. Go back over paperwork—yours and that of your elders/family—for financial gain and inheritance so that no one is surprised or disappointed in the future.

The questions that you have can be answered when you look for them, whether it be found in higher education or spiritual values. You have always been fair and should always be fair with a good business sense to keep you balanced. You are your own best friend—never forget that! Even if you do have a passion to help care for those less fortunate, remember not to put them before your own needs, as this could lead to resentment. If more aid is requested than you can willingly give, respect your own boundaries. You have a deep inner strength and always try to be optimistic this month and months to come. It is now time to work on you! This self-work will also become an inspiration to others. It will make you feel much better than sacrificing yourself for the good of those who are not appreciative. Be good to you.


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