July Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius

Aquarius zodiac sign for your astrology horoscope


You like to take unusual approaches, and this month you will be more aggressive and competitive for that front stage. What are you going to be working on? Are you changing something about your appearance this month? After all, you know what does not work—so why not try something new? It might seem like you always have money coming from at least two various sources—just be careful with the money that you receive. Try to put it to effective use.

You are always on the move and usually short on patience, and now is the time to learn why patience is a virtue. Always protective of your home, you begin to question: is this the home that you really want? Where is that upset that is coming on the home front?

Do not forget—your creativity is who you are. Are you starting to get traveling fever? The possibility of other people piquing your interest. You need to question why—for example, if you are happy at home then do not jump the boat for someone or something of a fleeting fancy. Always one to help others, remember not to help others at your own detriment. Take pride in your work and do not be surprised when there are new job opportunities offered to you. The question is, is it good for you?

The relationships and partnerships in your life are very important. Because you love with all of you, you need a partner who feels the same. Do not always expect to be validated by your partnerships and relationships. The need for an intelligent partner is even more at the forefront currently. If they lack common sense, can you teach them, or would it be a waste of your time? Financial gains through other people will be better towards the end of the month, so keep your standards high.

When you do travel and get lost, try to remember to stop for directions instead of going in circles.

In your career, you have that drive and determination and you will have many different jobs offered. If a job or career is not respectful, then it is not the career or job in that career for you. You are always everyone's friend, you can blend in with anyone. The skeletons in your closet need sorting out. Those self-imposed fears that you have can help others when you express them.

Learn from the mistakes that you have had in the past and you can be an inspiration to others from the challenges that you have overcome. Try not to be your own worst enemy and be who you are meant to be by honoring the potential and living up to it.


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