June Monthly Horoscopes

Basmati Monthly Horoscopes: June


What do the planets have in store for you this June? Check out your Basmati Horoscope with Astrologer Andrea Bryant below!



The “ram’s” ability to communicate with clarity and vision makes quite an impact in June! Read more here.


The “bull” sees the wisdom in being deliberate and methodical in order to get the job done. Read more here.


June continues to be a jovial and enjoyable month for the “twins” while the Sun travels through your sign. Read more here.


The “crab” naturally enjoys nurturing and protecting. Read more here.


June can pose a minor challenge for the “lion” in exercising opinions too forcefully. Read more here.


The month starts out as a challenge for the “grain goddess." Read more here.


The “scales” may seem a little out of balance for the first half of June. Read more here.


June is a month of creation for the “scorpion” but you will need to vigorously challenge your thinking in order to feel grounded and rooted in your identity. Read more here.


The “Centaur” takes on the role of a double agent for the month of June. Outwardly, you may appear quite sociable and communicative. Read more here.


The tenacious “goat” continues to focus on achievement in June. Read more here.


The “water bearer” continues to be hard at work, finishing up business for the month of June. Read more here.


For those born under the sign of the “fish” June promises many enjoyable experiences for love, play and all things pleasurable. Read more here.