May Monthly Horoscopes

Basmati Monthly Horoscopes: May


What do the planets have in store for you this May? Check out your Basmati Horoscope with Astrologer Andrea Bryant below!



The “Ram” takes the lead in communication and personal self-expression this month. Read more here.


The “Bull” loves security, harmony, comfort and beauty. Read more here.


The “Twins” love to socialize! You will find yourself being especially communicative and witty this month! Read more here.


You feel secure on land and sea! Your protective and instinctual nature is in a harmonious flow with your feelings and inner values this month. Read more here.


This month the “Lion” takes center stage by communicating love and affection. Read more here.


The “Grain Goddess” desires order and harmony but usually doesn’t find it. Read more here.


The “Scales” seek the balance of heart and mind this month. Read more here.


No need for the “Scorpion” to raise her tail this month! Read more here.


As the “Seeker” you can expect a heightened awareness of your need for freedom and travel at the very beginning and again at the end of the month, though the inspiration for them may be very different. Read more here.


May continues the 5-month process of introspection for the conservative “Goat”. Read more here.


The “Thinker” will be concerned with world issues this month. Read more here.


Those born under the sign of the “Fish” this month are mystics on a mission! Read more here.


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