Aquarius New Moon: The Sweeter Side of Friendship

Aquarius New Moon – Feb 15,  2018

Life’s Experiences With Open Hearts

Since the Sun moved into Aquarius on January 26, 2018, not surprisingly, there’s been more focus on an important group of friends in my life. These women are very significant to me in that it is the first group of friends where I am totally relaxed and free to be myself. The profound conversations we have tap into aspects of ourselves we usually don’t share with others. With an open spirit we offer up our life’s experiences and with open hearts receive another’s wisdom as love. It’s as if each of us is a precious pearl on a strand and together we make the whole group gorgeous.

A new problem has come up for the group and many of us are turning to each other for support. We know that the problem must be solved by us acting congruently but there’s been difficulty in knowing what we specifically want to do and also in trusting that we have the ability to achieve it. We hold onto hope that we have the skill to bring about the positive change we are looking for.

Synchronicity, Perception & Insight

The synchronicity of astrology never ceases to amaze me. This month’s New Moon in Aquarius focuses its intention for us to develop higher quality friendships and relationships within a core community. A New Moon asks us to plant the seed for what we would like to develop over the coming month. The focus of this New Moon is on greater perception and insight that will benefit the group as a whole.

Mercury square Jupiter shows a great expense of energy as we try to discuss and understand the problem.  Mars square Neptune shows difficulty in being able to take action due to not trusting your intuition.  Jupiter sextile Pluto gives us the optimism that we have the power to bring positive change.  Venus conjunct Neptune shows us that sometimes love and faith work together. And lastly, the conjunction of the New Moon with Mercury (and sextile Uranus) opens the doorway for sudden flashes of insight and genius.

As far as how my friends and I handle our problem depends on our ability to communicate clearly, be objective, and tap into a creative solution that will be perfect for everyone involved.

Recap: This month’s New Moon sets the tone for greater perception, intellect, and insight for the benefit of a group. This can be a group of friends, a club, peers, a community, or society as a whole. Groups are important because it is within the love and security of the group that we allow ourselves to both contribute and receive, share common dreams and ideas and create lifelong friendships. Oftentimes, friendships within groups are notorious for misunderstandings, mostly because clear and consistent communication is often lacking.

My advice is that should you be so lucky as to find yourself in with a group where connections are genuine, ideas are shared thoughtfully, and love dispenses wisdom like precious pearls on a strand, hold on tightly to it, for life doesn’t get any sweeter than that.