Cancer Full Moon: Coming To Venus

Cancer Full Moon—Jan. 1, 2018


Happy New Year! Happy Full Moon in Cancer! 

In astrology, the Moon represents the storehouse of all the emotions from all the experiences we’ve ever had.  And because the sign of Cancer represents home, ancestry, and lineage, it is where the Moon has the strongest link with our past. 

A Cancer Moon shows us how we react, due to our early family upbringing, childhood events and social conditioning.  Typically, we are no longer conscious of the details of how we were molded. Our reactions are mostly unconscious.  

But this month’s Full Moon awakens us to a fuller understanding of who we are because of how our past shaped us. And we can choose to create a more loving and harmonious future free from those unconscious reactions that no longer serve us. 

Every Full Moon is illuminated by the Sun in the opposing sign. Unlike the Moon, the Sun represents how we consciously project ourselves out into the world. Sun in Capricorn energy is prudent and practical and knows the right time to set a new goal. Capricorn is dedicated and persistent until success is accomplished. Capricorn is the sign that knows how to succeed.

Venus is also in Capricorn, working in conjunction with the Sun. Venus is the goddess of beauty, sensuality, pleasure and romance.  She also adds harmony, diplomacy, and balance to Capricorn’s disciplined ambition. How easy it is to see how happiness is enhanced when we add love and beauty to our journey!

During this Full Moon a dance of awareness will occur between what we need (Moon in Cancer) and what goal we want to set to create a beautiful future (Sun/Venus in Capricorn). 

The Grand Water Trine/Kite Pattern

Looking at the chart, we can see that all the water signs have their natural rulers in alignment to create a Grand Trine. This triangular pattern creates such a harmonious flow of emotional energy that we could overlook it as the gift that it is. But the opposition of the Sun in Capricorn creates a Kite Pattern that sets the whole formation into action! (Note how the Sun creates an additional smaller triangle with Neptune and Mars to create the Kite.) 

Neptune in Pisces seamlessly adds its energy to the Grand Trine. Neptune is in tune to higher values and spiritual ideals such as divine love and devotion to our human family. Neptune’s inspiration also increases our receptivity for intuition and creativity. Neptune in Pisces helps refine our understanding of the non-rational/spiritual realms. 

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio is power magnified! Scorpio is often misunderstood and feared because people associate it with death or shadow aspects. It is true that Scorpio energy likes to investigate the psychology of others and merge energies in a powerful way. But that same energy seeks to understand her own psychology and to grow and transform from that understanding. As a key player in the Grand Water Trine/Kite, Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio provide us the key to knowing our own emotions. Scorpio is not afraid of shadow and wants to bring the entirety of who we are up into the light to make us emotionally whole. In addition, the Mars/Jupiter square with the Moon’s Nodes in Leo and Aquarius encourage us to be authentic and not yield to the crowd. 

There’s a strong possibility that emotional hypersensitivity or shadow aspects will be triggered in order to encourage us to investigate our inner world. This month creates an easy opportunity to explore and make peace with what we consider to be “negative” emotions


This month, getting in touch with your feelings will be easier than usual. Remember that feelings are our guide to who we are and what we need. 

The opposition of the Moon and Sun will bring a contrasting awareness of what we have needed in the past with what we want to create in the future. The values of Venus, such as beauty, love and harmony will be important in setting our goals.