Gemini Full Moon: Choices and the Muddled Mind!

Gemini Full Moon—Dec. 3, 2017

Writing this Full Moon article has been my biggest astrological writing challenge to date! I have tried, off and on over the course of a week, only to end up frustrated by distraction and confusion by a Gemini Moon and a retrograde Mercury!

To recap, a lunar cycle is a natural cycle that follows the basic rhythm of life. The Moon goes from New to Full and then back to New again. Each phase of the Moon represents a special time, whether it’s planting the seed or harvesting the fruit. Life also has its cyclic nature; spring to winter, beginnings to endings, give and take, and personal vs. social.

A Full Moon is a time to harvest the fruit of our efforts for this cycle. It’s a time to be illuminated on what we’ve created in our lives, what we want to keep and what we need to change. 

A Gemini Full Moon shows us all the choices we have yet to make in order to more fully align with our authentic self. In order to appreciate this opportunity as a gift, let’s look at the energies that are playing out at the time of this Full Moon. 


Mercury is the personality ruler of Gemini. It governs the mind, how we learn, and our communication style. A person with a strong Mercury or Gemini will have a mind that is inquisitive and quick. All the details of life are observed and no triviality is left out. Gemini’s keen observations notice the dualistic nature of life and its energy is perfectly symbolized by the twins.

Mercury stations and goes retrograde on the day of the Full Moon (Dec 3 – Dec 22). Retrograde Mercury causes a disturbance in the way we receive, process, and communicate information. And when it does go retrograde there is a tendency for details to get messed up, along with delays in travel and communication. Conversations with others may get to the point where one of you blows things out of proportion, leaving frustration in its wake.


A Moon in Gemini shows reaction, instinct, and emotion will be expressed in a Gemini fashion.  We may find that we are expressing ourselves in a variety of ways and with a changing nature to them. We may not even know why or what we really want. There may be a need for more mental stimulation and of various kinds.  Obviously, this may be confusing. 

A Full Moon in Gemini emphasizes the plethora of choices we can make in a world of seemingly endless choices with oftentimes contradictory information. It reveals that we need to make choices, but which choices? Initially, we may feel compelled to sway any way that feels right in the moment. This is why Geminis are known for having a versatile and variable nature and will take a multitude of different positions depending on how they feel at the time. But this variability only leaves the Gemini with a reputation of being insincere. 


Venus is the Soul Ruler of Gemini and shows us the way. The only way to authentically navigate through a world of such variety and choice is through the truth of your heart and staying authentic to your true Self. Venus makes a loose conjunction with the Sun in Sagittarius, telling us to illuminate our choices with vision and wisdom. 


Saturn conjunct Mercury normally makes for a somber disposition and can be quite depressing. But this month it gets an added boost from Uranus and Mars, bringing more maturity to all the mental confusion. Uranus lightens things up with innovative ideas and Mars entices us into more positive action in our relationships. 


Neptune in Pisces creates an exact T-square with the Sun and Moon. Neptune being the ruler of Pisces enhances receptivity of the subtler realms of creativity, imagination and dreams. Matters of spirituality, service to others, and self-sacrifice become more prominent. When it squares the Full Moon there can be such a heightened sensitivity to moods, feelings, and emotions that we might have a tendency to pull back into escapism in whatever form it takes, including drugs and alcohol. If you feel that this energy particularly affects you, remember to focus your attention to the opposite side of the chart. Virgo is earthy and practical and reminds us to get something done. Instead of dreaming, do what you can do to be helpful and feel good about yourself. 


This Full Moon is an opportunity to make choices and step more boldly and authentically into your true self. The confusion of so many choices can be lessened by forgetting what others have to say and tapping into your own inner voice. The wisdom is there for you, if you choose it. And if you feel like escaping from yourself by indulging in holiday parties, remember to get a good night’s sleep instead so you can actually do something wonderful for someone else the following morning. 

This morning I woke up making the choice to be of service by any practical means possible. That meant I needed to get out of my head and the confusion that comes with it. I helped clients by putting on a positive attitude. And to my expectation, I got things done and was happy. Today I followed by heart and clarity ensued!