Essential Oils For Consciousness: Jasmine & Romance

Flesh on jasmine bed Taste her pleasured ascension Carnal roots, piqued -Drake J. Eszes

Jasmine has long been the flower of lovers, the scent of romance, the calling on the wind to bring forth from life—one’s deep inner longing for heart and connection. Its fragrance ignites the lower chakras while tickling the heart and centers of the mind to respond to lover’s calling. By aligning with Jasmine oil one is able to consciously connect to the part of the self which is akin to being with the beloved. It is the smell of inner marriage and copulation. It is the song of the kundalini fires uniting in sacred passion.

Poets have long been inspired by the fragrance of Jasmine and so one may conclude that the odor itself activates certain areas of the brain which uplift and weave magic with language, the unseen with the seen, and which move the physical into a more sensual connection with life.

In our current reality structure/matrix, especially in the western world, sexuality and sensuality are highly misrepresented. They are used for commercial sway while at the same time demonized, framed in the animalistic, and torn from their truest nature as basic and primal forces which are both beautiful as well as creatively powerful. To merge with the scent of Jasmine, in its purest form, is to both remember and express the divine within our body vessels. It is to allow our “god-selves” to have unabashed access to the raw force which drives all of creation. It is to frame such force in an awareness which gives beauty and sensitivity, passion and depth to the originating element behind all things. For to acknowledge the Cosmos in terms of sensuality is to see Love in its most romantic play with itself, expressing through the very objects of creation—such as the Jasmine flower.

Upon breathing in the scent of this heady blossom, one is both struck by the mature, irresistible top notes which beg nasal and bodily attention, while at the same time, lulled by a carefree, playful bottom note reminding one of the nostalgia of childhood.

Jasmine gives us access to the romance we had with life when we were children playing freely in the woods catching frogs and kneeling in grandmother’s garden chasing earthworms. It is the reminder that sensuality began in our youth when we cared not but to derive our pleasures from all things earthly. Back when ideas of sex had not yet entered our consciousness, and yet true love and an innocent romance was the natural sensation of beingness.

The romance of life comes when sensuality and sexuality are integrated into oneself as not only natural and beautiful aspects, but even critical catalysts for truly connecting with every element of existence. The fragrance of Jasmine assists with this sensual integration and reminds the body/mind complex of the innate rightness of embracing our sensual selves. One could say it softens the jagged lines drawn by society between confident self-expression and sexual empowerment.

Mood and Sex

Breathing in the scent of Jasmine on a regular basis reduces depression and releases serotonin in the brain. It also boasts all kinds of aphrodisiac properties and sexual support, including the reduction of premature ejaculation, frigidity, and impotency. Together, it is easy to see how Jasmine could inspire the romantic poet in anyone.

Jasmine for Women

As a woman, wearing Jasmine oil supports the feminine nature by easing what we females have to cope with on a regular basis, our hormones. By gently balancing the chemistry in the body by reminding it of Divine wholeness and helping it to reconnect to the sexual impulse in a healthy way, Jasmine could be deemed the midwife of feminine sexuality embraced.

Jasmine can also help a woman connect more to her mothering nature, which is often thought of as “their less sexy state” by many pregnant women. By smoothing the skin, reducing stretch-marks, easing labor pains and increasing milk supply, Jasmine is a natural supporter to the transformation of maiden to mother. (Warning: Pregnant women should exercise caution using Jasmine in very high quantities prior to the use for childbirth since Jasmine can also stimulate uterine contractions.) Later again, Jasmine shows up in yet another crucial feminine transition from mother to crone through easing the symptoms of menopause.


The ultimate orgasm is the one found in union with the Divine, whether found solo in the silence of meditation or in the arms of a lover. Jasmine is multi-dimensional in that it supports both of these approaches through which to access the ultimate cosmic delight. Not only does Jasmine help the brain to release happiness and love hormones but it also induces a calm, peaceful serenity which is crucial to opening up into deeper psychic zones of awareness.

Whether your meditation is done in a still, cross-legged position or in a steamy lover’s embrace, Jasmine oil will melt the barriers to successfully surrender into the grace and magic awaiting you. It will inspire your vibration to rise to the height of sensual pleasure and blissful peace. It will reconnect you with the authenticity and validity of sexuality as a pathway to meet the divine within and to afford the vision of such into another.

Whether you are drinking in the fragrance of its white delicate blossoms on the breeze or dropping notes of delicate pleasure from a carefully prepared vile of its essence, Jasmine promises to whisk you back into the love affair you once had with being alive. It tickles the romantic veins of the heart and reminds one that it is truly possible to express divine splendor in the body. Jasmine oil lures you into a romance with life where poetry drips from every limb and beauty can be found everywhere.