10 Uses for Salt (Besides Flavoring Food)

Good quality salt can do more than flavor food. Salt is naturally antibacterial and has a plethora of uses. It has long been used for medicinal purposes, and has proved to be helpful with chores around the house. From sore throats to cleaning your silver, the uses for salt are practically endless. For all those anti-salt users out there, you may want to start reconsidering.

So what is it that salt can do for you? Here are 10 ways to get the most out of your salt.

1. Clean Wicker

Have you ever wondered if there was a good way to clean wicker? Dilute warm water with some salt, and scrub the wicker clean.

2. Clean Silverware

You can avoid chemical cleaners when polishing silverware by using salt. Simply rub the silverware with salt, and then proceed to wash your way to shiny silverware.

3. Remove Pan Grease

Getting sticky grease off of pans can take a lot of elbow grease. Make it easier on yourself and sprinkle salt on your pan. The salt will absorb the grease, and then you can simply wipe it off with a paper towel.

4. Keep Flowers Fresh

When you buy fresh flowers, they almost always come with a packet to add to water to keep them fresh. You can replicate this technique on your own freshly cut flowers by adding salt to the water. It will help your flowers last longer in the vase.

5. Remove Wine Stains

Along with the old club soda trick, salt can help get out wine stains. The next time you have a wine stain problem on your hands, blot out as much as you can, then sprinkle it with salt. After the salt does its thing, clean up the salt and you will be spot free.

6. Exfoliate Skin

Salt acts as a natural exfoliant for dry skin. Simply rub it on problem areas and rinse.

7. Soothe a Sore Throat

Gargling salt water can soothe a sore throat. The antibacterial properties help fight the bacteria-causing irritation.

8. Fight Fatigue

Salt is a natural electrolyte, so it comes as no surprise that it can give you an energy boost. Put some in the bath and let the skin soak up all its energy.

9. Combat Respiratory Problems

If you have a cold that leaves you congested, bust out the Neti Pot. Flushing out the system with some salt will help in killing the bacteria that is causing you to feel lousy.

10. Keep Your Broom Longer

Soaking a new straw broom in a warm salt-water solution can give it a longer life. Just be sure to let it air dry before using.

When you are choosing salts for home remedies, quality is key. The more pure the salt, the more benefits it has for your health, and your cleaning.

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