Gaby Colletta


Gaby Colletta is a Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist dwelling in the East Bay. She studied at New York University, where she discovered her deep curiosity of human behavior and psychology. While living in Brooklyn, she worked at several advertising agencies contributing to strategy and social media. In 2014 she awoke to the realization that she was no longer pursuing her dharma.She knew she wanted to help cultivate gratitude and empower people realize their own happiness. Intuition told her she would need to take a leap of faith. So she quit her job and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand. A wanderer at heart, Gaby spent 16 months volunteering her way across SE Asia and Europe, learning from the wisdom of the world and Mother Nature. She now lives in Berkeley, teaches yoga and writes. When she is not doing these things, you can find her hiking in the mountains, climbing some rocks, shooting photography or writing haikus.