How Kindness Heals

I propose a challenge to you, dear reader: take time to be kind to someone for absolutely no reason and without any expectation of return. Do this for one whole month and see how it affects or changes you and those around you. It is the simple acts of kindness that spread positivity throughout the world. A smile can be contagious and it spreads like jam over a warm piece of toast.

I conducted a personal experiment over the course of 2 months and discovered how being kind offers healing. For 60 whole days, I made it a point to be as kind to others around me as I could. Not the overbearing super kind, just kind. Little things like holding open the door, letting the other car turn ahead of me, smiling, being patient with the busy cashier, and taking the time to consider that someone else might be having a bad day, or worse, a terrible time in their life.

In the beginning of my 60 days, I noticed myself getting frustrated at those who scowled back at me instead of smiling or the guy who just wouldn't accept my kindness. To be honest I thought it was rude and it annoyed me a little bit. That's when I found out that if there is no expectation then there is no letdown; I reminded myself that I was being kind because I wanted to spread positivity, so I let it go.

 As time passed I noticed certain changes in the people I was around on a daily basis, including myself. We all had better perspectives and positive attitudes towards each other, and in general. I was watching it spread like wildfire in my house and throughout my workplace. As I watched, I noticed little changes taking place with my physical, mental, and emotional health. Some of the changes I noticed:

  • I wasn't as stressed out.
  • I was sleeping better.
  • I felt more motivated.
  • I was full of positive energy.
  • My mind was clearer.
  • Kindness became more of a reflex, and less of a deliberate action.
  • I was happier, and didn't get frustrated about things as easily.

At times I deal with tension headaches and migraines. But by the end of my first month, I noticed my headaches were less and my overall health in all aspects seemed to be flourishing.

It wasn't only me who was positively affected by the acts of kindness and consideration; they were affecting many others around me, too. I began reaching out to those I knew who dealt with ailments of any kind and I explained to them how I believe kindness heals, and that the simple act of it is contagious and can easily be spread. Some of my friends reported the same results; things in life seemed to be healthier in positive aspects when we focus on being kind.

There are so many people in the world suffering from depression and similar issues. We look like everyone else and sometimes show no signs or symptoms. An act of kindness or a simple smile can change a lot for someone who is deeply saddened.  People who deal with anger issues sometimes struggle with someone being kind for no reason, but true intention proves itself. We have to connect with those around us, we have to be the positive impact for others, and we have to be kind to one another. Kindness can heal the heart and the head and extend a loving hand. All it takes is a smile or a “have a nice day.” If you don't believe me, try it for yourself and see how it feels.

My Kindness Heals project was a success, and I hope this can be an inspiration for you to pass it on. Let someone go ahead of you in line, smile just because, offer your help and, most of all, be genuine and spread love and kindness. They say stress is the leading cause of cancer, but what if kindness is the cure?