Music As A Natural Healer

Music speaks to the heart and soul, but research also says it improves health. Here are five ways music helps us to heal, grow, and stay strong:

5) MOOD ENHANCER – Music can alter your mood in seconds. According to several sources, music relieves listeners of depression by bringing feelings of joy, love and clarity into one’s life. If you’re having a bad day and don’t know what to do about it, simply put on your favorite record and begin dancing to the beat. You’ll be feeling better in no time.

4) STRESS RELIEVER – Feeling stressed out can have the same negative effects on one’s physical and emotional state as being depressed or sad. Again, music comes to one’s rescue. If we’ve been through a lot at our jobs, or we have a due date coming up and we’re not wholly prepared, music can be a perfect way to get in the right frame of mind. If you need relief from your worries or need help concentrating, charge up the old iPod and give a listen. Music can potentially relieve you of your burdens long enough to get back on track.

3) PERFORMANCE ENHANCER – Have you ever been at work, and the day seems long and drudging, but then your favorite song plays over the radio and you find yourself working a little faster? That’s no coincidence; music gives you a steady rhythm, enhancing your performance by giving you a specific beat to follow. The same applies during a workout; if you’re like most people and find free weights or treadmills boring, crank up some tunes while exercising. You’ll find yourself pumping iron or running faster than ever. Even better – you’ll enjoy yourself!

2) IMMUNITY BOOSTER – Can music help your immune system to function? Some doctors think so. According to a Massachusetts General Hospital study, critically ill patients that listened to Mozart sonatas showed lower levels of stress hormones and interleukin-6, a blood protein that often causes diabetes, heart problems, and even death. Several studies show that one’s immunity is often greatly affected by the “music in their lives.”

1) BRAIN FUNCTION BOOSTER – Research shows that listening to music, especially in one’s old age, is a form of mental exercise, and can actually improve memory and mental sharpness. Even people with alleged brain damage have witnessed improved brain patterns through music, which can stay locked in one’s mind for quite a while.