July Monthly Horoscope: Cancer


You are looking good and feeling good. Are you considering a fresh look to show you off even more? That unexpected chunk of change that is available now will make you feel good and look good outside as well as inside. Are you looking at and talking about your finances and how you might use the money from others to your benefit, or are you looking at the money for a short distance travel? Or are you putting some money aside because of your dreams of going to a foreign land or embarking on a journey of higher education? Or, is it just to go out and have fun because girls (or boys) just want to have fun?

Remember your challenges with relationships/partnerships and know that with every loss there is a new beginning. If what you had did not work, then why choose the same type of relationship/partnership? If that worked in the past, but they are no longer with you, remember someone else could come along! If you have learned your lessons in the past about relationships/partnerships, it will get better.

If you cannot decide on what to do with your spare time, helping others will in turn help you. Service is good for the soul. That does not mean that you could not get paid for your services and act as extra income. When you are helping someone, you are in turn helping yourself.

Your friends: what is it with your friends, your unusual friends? Your unusual hopes and wishes, what are you planning to do that is so unusual and will you be doing it with your friends? It is an exciting month, so make sure that you buckle your seatbelt and let go, surrender to the bigger picture.

If it is too quiet at home, then consider going out and having fun. You have been in your shell too much and if you are still too worried about your finances, even though you see the added extra this month, you can always look for free or inexpensive activities to take part in. Volunteering can be nourishing at this time, too. Try volunteering at different activities, that way you get to enjoy the benefits, as well as be of service to other people. Did you want to go and see a concert? If you volunteer, it becomes an even better way to save money, yet still have fun and meet people. Even if the people that you meet are younger or older than what you are, that does not mean that you cannot learn from them. When have you been in your shell and have not opened your mind to possibilities? You might be surprised that you have something in common with other people.