Screen Addiction, Part 2: Our Conscious Evolution

From a higher perspective, humanity is at a historical breakthrough point of technological advancement. Through the Internet, we have become empowered to realize our creative and social potential unlike ever before. For those of us blessed enough to be able to afford the tools (computers, internet service, smart phones, etc.) to keep up with these cultural norms, everything that was once quite impossible to assume as causal of a task it is today – from shopping, to getting around town, to messaging others, to playing games, to watching videos, to making art – can now be accessed by a click from one single platform. We are now actualizing our connection to one another instantaneously, with social media platforms serving to allow us to keep in touch through sharing information, playing, and working with one another even if physically apart.

With such potential for expansive excitement in our life’s, we are just beginning to understand what this all means in relation to the greater picture of a higher functioning, evolving humanity, and how we can use this technology to best serve ourselves personally as well as as a collective. Yet while these tools in themselves promise great hope for the path of our progression, perhaps the ways in which we use them need to evolve so that we do not leave ourselves behind in the process.

For now it seems we have gotten so excited with what's been immediately presented at hand that we have gotten lost in the rush, not yet recognizing the need to pause and take a step back to honestly assess the ways in which we use these tools. While the benefits sure outweigh the negatives, it is becoming clear to many that to continue to become more lost in our screens as we've been allowing for ourselves up to now is not a viable vision of the future reality that we might wish to risk bearing witness to the results of. As we stand within a cultural crossroads of sorts today, discerning what we would like to choose in order to create a more empowered future for the human civilization, and what we must transcend in order to get there, to put it simply: we must bring forth consciousness to all that we do, so that we may function as clearly and intentionally as possible as we keep dealing with greater and greater technological development, so that we do not abuse these devices, or let them use us.

The Opportunity:

I see this particular subject, although perhaps not a major concern for some, as being one of the most remarkable, necessary, beautifully powerful and monumental meaningful steps we will take together as mankind into our liberation, considering the mass prevalence of this subjects effects. From becoming dissociated from one another while virtually discovering our connection to call forth a real life physical revolution will take all of us, and will bring us back to ourselves, one another, and greater consciousness unlike ever before, granting us the integrated wisdom gathered from our learned experiences to forever guide us towards a brighter future. What an amazing opportunity to keep evolving further.

Let's see this as an ultimate test of sorts, to allow ourselves to prioritize our awareness once and for all as a grounded precedent to all external activity. Through our personal choices, we can change a whole culture.