Emanating Earth: A Short Story

Going into the woods makes me feel alive. I don’t know if it is because nature is so full of life or if it is the connection that exists between raw nature and ourselves. It is very difficult for a lot of people to walk through the woods and stay angry. I believe that’s because in a natural environment, more often than not, it is peaceful and serene.

The air always seems fresher in the woods and my mind clears from all unnecessary banter. Our Earth is alive and it provides energy in so many ways. The animals all live as one with the Earth and all of nature; this is because they have free will and survive off of instinct. There are many cultures and religions that believe Earth is the Mother or Grandmother to us all, that she is our provider. The Earth is seen as feminine because she bears fruit and provides life just as women birth children and provide life.

Life and positive energy seem to emanate from the forest floors, radiate from the sky, and flow through the waters. Just as the Earth provides energy it also absorbs energy from us and its surroundings. It is safe to say we definitely have an impact on each other.

Sometimes when we step away from nature for too long our bodies actually seem to experience something like a craving.

If I am super stressed out and haven’t been to the woods (it doesn’t even have to be the woods, just somewhere more down to earth, so to speak), I will go and sit under a tree and meditate. When I leave the area I always feel less stressed and more at peace. We are all connected to one another when it comes to the waters, forests, animals, insects, humans, etc., so if you feel out of balance and can’t figure out why, ask yourself when was the last time you were in touch with nature in some way.  I believe our emotions create certain energy into existence so I try to make sure I spend time in nature during happy and positive times too, not only when stressed or frustrated.

Sometimes you just have to go back to the root of life and recharge. When you feel the urge to go explore, fulfill that desire -- it is worth it! Live life, sit around the fire, dance in the rain, and sit at the base of a tree and feel the flow. If you think about it, just as we have a pulse, so does the earth. Consider the waves and ripples in the water that the energy flows through; it is similar to the blood in our veins.

Go take that camping trip you’ve been talking about. Unplug from the world of electronics and modern day living and go plug into nature’s WI-FI and surround sound system. There are adventures to be had and a world full of life to explore.