Why You Should Grow Up

Nowadays, there are many innovative and trendy ways to garden, but if you haven’t tried growing vertically, let me inspire you to do so. Here’s why vertical gardening is a great way to grow.

Vertical gardening, also known as trellising, has been around for centuries, and now it has become a popular, modern method for growing. I remember first becoming attracted to it because of its ability to make urban settings more visually appealing. Later, I discovered that not only can it help create a beautiful atmosphere, but it can also maximize garden space, help prevent pests and plant disease, and provide cleaner air.

Beauty. There are many ways you can transform your boring outdoor or even indoor living spaces into functional, beautiful gardens. A vertical technique known as container gardening can be ideal for small backyards in the city. Have a wall you need to disguise or cover up? Try creating a living or green wall! Living or green walls have their own irrigation systems, allowing living plants to thrive and grow on walls. Arbors are archways which can help you remodel larger yards or gardens by separating them into rooms. There are countless creative ways to use vertical gardening to visually enhance spaces.

Space Maximizer. Trellising uses many different kinds of gardening techniques and resources in order to grow plants upward. While some plants naturally grow vertically and require no support frames, most plants – like tomatoes and squash – require certain kinds of structures to assist them. By growing plants upward on things such as walls, stakes, or fences, you are able to increase the amount of space for growing while also reducing your water usage.

Pest and Disease Prevention. Vertical growing is considered the best when it comes to being pest- and disease-resistant. Providing plants with proper air-flow prevents them from easily attracting pests or diseases. Not only that, spotting harmful insects can be less of a challenge when plants are vertically growing.

Air Purifier. Plants are able help purify the air by removing harmful volatile organic compounds and absorbing pollutants. Growing vertically allows you to creatively grow plants in indoor or outdoor spaces, while helping you improve air quality.

Although I’ve only mentioned a few, there are many other great reasons to try vertical gardening if you haven’t already.

I guess good things are just a part of growing up. 

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