Essential Oils For Consciousness: Vetiver & Timelines

When you hear the term “timelines” your mind immediately wants to leap into sci-fi fantasy lands of dimensional blurs and several lives happening “simultaneously.” Though this is possible in the metaphysical and quantum perspective, it is a bit difficult to wrap one’s mind around and so is often dismissed as “impossible” or inconceivable. However, what if “another timeline” is simply one where you are experiencing yourself in a different mental state, attracting new solutions, or feeling better in your body? By choosing to work with vetiver essential oil as a consciousness support, timeline navigation becomes a more choice-induced option, rather than a by-product of the unknown.

My Introduction to Vetiver

I fell in love with vetiver after first reading about its usefulness when researching essential oils for a raw chocolate company I used to own. I knew I needed to get my hands on some of this oil. I can remember my bottle of vetiver arriving in the mail on a day my business partner and I were going to make chocolate. We opened the bottle and smelled the deeply rich, earthy tones of the oil traditionally known as “khus” in India. I felt instantly transported, as if to the center of the Earth herself, such is the scent of this popular masculine-resonating deep and rooty fragrance.

After blending the vetiver with some raw chocolate and waiting for the bars to harden, we finally got to experience the magic. The first few bites were almost too potent to consume, but after a few moments of receiving the initiation offered us by the plant medicine, we were traveling into new possibilities. I actually don’t think my life has been the same since these first moments with Vetiver. I am pretty sure that was the moment when I began to really anchor into the reality of “finding home,” such was the depth to which the vetiver sent me.

First Chakra Resonance

The effects of vetiver on consciousness are deeply grounding. It brings one into the awareness of where support has not been experienced, in order to amplify the attraction of things which would bring you “home.” The actual experience of feeling home is much more than having a roof over your head, though the structure itself is key at some point. What vetiver does is relax the body system, balance the hormones, and help relieve the constant dependence on stress-response that this culture creates. Instead, the body receives a healthy dose of calming presence, which keeps body systems in check—allowing for a sense of safety and security (in just being alive). This quality, with further use of vetiver, begins to flood one’s consciousness. If you can relax into “what is” and feel the earth under your feet without freaking out—well, then you can begin to realize that the Earth is our home, and “finding home” is as simple as finding yourself (which isn’t always an easy process, but it’s a rewarding one).

By diffusing vetiver essential oil into the air, or by anointing yourself with this fragrance, you are inviting yourself to drop into feeling at home—within. When this occurs, the first chakra is able to surrender the grip on “survival,” and consciousness opens up to a greater knowing—that all is provided for us by the Universal Source of abundance.

Second Chakra Resonance

Long known as an aphrodisiac, vetiver essential oil helps us “jump timelines” from basic survival needs and victim mentality into the realm of both sexual and just simple “life” satisfaction. The hormonal system is supported by vetiver essential oil in such a way that we are better equipped to steer away from the stress-hormone release that is found in first or second chakra discord, and instead find the body more able to experience consistent highs of euphoric connection and bliss-tides of remembrance.

Vetiver essential oil supports feelings of deep satisfaction in one’s body and creates a bridge from the “ordinary” or socially constructed views of the sensual self, to a place where divine connection and pleasure-in-being can exist. By either diffusing or wearing a drop of vetiver essential oil over the pelvis region (make sure to dilute if applying to sensitive skin), the body is activated to slip into a dimension where sensuality and healthy sexual expression have home in your experiences.

Vetiver used to be massaged into the brides-to-be in various ancient cultures because the oil was thought to sanctify the marriage and the energetic connection, which would obviously also be sexual in nature. Imagine the difference between going into a marriage or any relationship feeling not fully seen or respected and going into one where you feel both of these things and more. It is like two different timeline possibilities. What if simply using vetiver essential oil with the awareness that its essence and fragrance brings tranquility and purification dramatically changes the experiences that follow? This is what I am saying about using this plant. It changes your energetic response to a thing. It allows a deeper, more relaxed and honest exchange to occur.

Third Chakra Resonance

The navel chakra speaks of empowerment or disempowerment to me. Either you are confident in who you are, or are at least willing to “put yourself out there” for the sake of creativity and possible magic, or you are not. Conditions related to the digestive system and basic assimilation, including the functions of the pancreas, liver, and spleen, are all related to a healthy third chakra. Disorders with any of these glands or organs are often related to a disabled or hampered nervous system. The nervous system filters our experiences and we either “take the blow” of perceived stress and anxiety through it, or we comfortably navigate the influx of change. It really depends on the health of the body system.

When the nervous system is too overloaded or is not capable of performing to the degree it is able, the rest of the body systems suffer, for they depend upon a relaxed and balanced setting for their works to be performed. So what I am saying is that a spazzed out digestive system could have a fried nervous system as a root cause. This is where vetiver essential oil comes in handy.

Vetiver “sets the stage” for empowerment to occur by lending its calming frequency. When we are relaxed and take care of ourselves, then we can more fully access the empowerment qualities such as confidence, motivation, bravery, and appreciation.

Vetiver for Misalignments

Vetiver essential oil is a deeply grounding and reconnecting fragrance. It brings awareness to where we have felt disconnected and helps us shift our attitudes and expressions to be more in alignment. Misalignment shows up in the body/mind as headaches, skin problems, joint inflammation, low energy, depression, anger, fevers/heat stroke, muscle pains, frigidity/impotence, erratic emotions, learning disabilities, spinal misalignments, etc. Vetiver is a guide and a support for experiencing another timeline where balance and health exist.

Having been shown to energize the brain, vetiver essential oil is a key element for changing our thinking patterns and for supporting affirmations in becoming a reality. Using vetiver essential oil on the brain stem or over the temples can increase connection to the brain and helps out during meditation as well as times you want to “reprogram” your thoughts.

Using vetiver (or any essential oil for that matter) with the intention to support consciousness is the first step in using the oil. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful and once we understand how to include the plant kingdom on our journey to becoming more aware, we suddenly begin to see the allies which have been placed all around us. This earth is deeply rich with more wisdom than we can even saturate with in a lifetime. By opening up to the consciousness of plant medicine, life becomes eternally richer and our experiences reach heights never before reached without them.

If you have never tried vetiver essential oil, give it a chance. It is potent and strong, but so are you at your best!