Aquarius Birthstones – Amber & Sugilite

As the visionaries of the zodiac, Aquarians get (at least) two amazing gemstones to support them in their drive for assisting humanity in up-leveling and recognizing their potential. Both Amber and Sugilite are excellent crystalline care-takers of the Aquarian personality and can help anyone bring out the qualities of the Aquarius vibration in their life.

Amber is not actually a “crystal” in the regular sense, since it was created through the fossilization of resins millions of years ago. Its formation is organic and irregular, kind of like the Aquarian, who likes to set themselves apart from all the rest and bring a rare “light” to any situation or purpose. The Amber resin encourages positivity, and has often been referred to as a little drop of the sun – just like most Aquarians I know.

The Aquarius nature is honest, unpredictable, spontaneous, intelligent, philosophical, often unemotional and very communicative. Amber soothes the honesty, lightens up the unpredictability, feeds the spontaneity with blissful resonance, supports the mind in its quest for enlightenment, softens the emotional body so it is more apt to express, and encourages healthy communication by adding a drop of gold to everything spoken.

Being a solar-plexus resonant crystal, Amber resin supports the empowerment of every sign in the zodiac, though the Aquarian truly takes this task to heart as they are prone to find themselves standing in front of groups and “saving the world” with their humanitarian efforts. Amber seems to lighten the load and keep the spirits high and motivated when the chips are down, which they sometimes are for lofty-minded Aquarius.

Sugilite is a purple-ish black stone that is often called the “dreaming rock” as it encourages lucid, healing dreams and dream-recall. By the same token, Aquarians can sometimes be seen as “dreamers” whose visions can often feel out-of-reach – but not with Sugilite on their side. This dreamy stone can help visions feel reachable and allow Aquarians to bring more solidity into what they see in their mind's eye. You could say, Sugilite helps make dreams a reality for the Aquarian energy.

Sugilite is also known as the “healer’s stone” by many in the crystal world. This title is actually perfect for the Aquarian person, who are themselves often healers in one regard or another. In fact, every Aquarian, or Aquarian-rich sign I know is either a massage therapist, acupuncturist, herbalist, nutritionist, counselor, tarot reader, crystal therapist or something of the healing nature. Sugilite helps to emphasize these qualities for the Aquarian or anyone who would like to bring forth the inner healer or become a practitioner of such.

As we collectively step into the “New Age of Aquarius” and the New World, as so many of us are feeling, Sugilite and Amber become invaluable in helping each one of us navigate the new frequencies, release old, trapped emotions and past karma and step happily and confidently into our true, authentic selves. By combining these stones, the yellow/gold of Amber and the purple/black of Sugilite, you are attuning the third chakra and third eye center to each other which allows for more powerful meditations, clearer insights backed by motivation and a sense of confidence in “stepping into the unknown” (aka “the void”).

Further gifts from the Aquarian Stones include:


Magic & Medicine Attunement

Nature Embodiment


Purifier & Pain Relief

Protection of Children

Abundance Amplification

Pineal Gland Activation

Glandular Balance

Easing Childbirth & the Birth of Creative Projects

Attunement with Divinity

Authentic Living


Promotes Trust


Relieve Suicidal Tendencies

Release Tension

Ease Connection with Lower Chakras/Sexuality

Digestive Support


Increase Connection to Source

Dream Recall

Lucidity in Life

Full Brain Activation

Awareness of Soul Purpose

Increase Memory

Bravery for Dealing with Shadow Self

Dark Night of the Soul Gem

Spiritual love


Psychic Ability Enhancement

Headache/Migraine Relief

Flu/Stomach Issues

Digestive Support/Digest Ideas

Attract “Twin”

As light-workers, healers, visionaries, and leaders of the new earth, we can all benefit from a bit of Amber and Sugilite in our lives for enhanced leadership abilities, strength in our convictions and a tenacity to follow our dreams and see them into form!

Photo Credit: "Sunday Stones" by Hans-Jürgen Böckmann is licensed under CC BY 2.0