Let Life Break You Down

In order for the life you were meant to live to come together, the life you are living now first has to come apart. There is no linear path to one’s evolution. It is a cycle that has to keep undoing itself: the habits, the structures, the comfort, the expectations, the stories that define it -- so that when one’s life as s/he knows it has been totally broken down, only from there is there room for something much greater and truer to sprout from beneath.

So do not be down on yourself if your life seems stagnant, unclear, or if things are simply not fitting into place. True opportunities, doors and paths to the right life for you cannot arrive without an overturning of all you thought was right for you -- and simply because one’s mind cannot ever truly know what is beyond it, as it is only conditioned to find comfort in its previous levels of understanding, including goals and dreams for an ideal future life. When life seems like it’s falling apart, be grateful, and embrace the release and surrender, for there is ever greater potential that life has in store for you, which you will never be able to access until you surrender yourself to the greater picture. This greater picture that moves around and through you has to reveal itself beyond the constructs of your understanding. It is by no means an easy task to release and embrace the unknown, and the process is almost never smooth. But until one has completely given up his or her resistance or need to control things from mistrust in the universe, the universe will come to break your life down time and time again. This happens until you learn to ride the wave with faith and open arms. This is how the human evolves -- by working with life without needing to force his or her way beyond what s/he perceives to be unsettling, as there is ever greater expansion to behold that is only possible when our attachments break down. 

Embrace the uncertainty. And celebrate when life shows you that there is a greater way. And most importantly, while getting excited about new potentials, do not be too attached to the new story that comes through, for there is a puzzle of one’s whole life; one that is only possible to put together as the pieces reveal themselves over time, cycle by cycle. The best way to experience this is to embrace that nothing is for sure and to work with life on the wave of inspiration as it comes while looking for light within the holes that crack the shell of your current perceptions.

Otherwise we are just trying to run towards ourselves, without ever stopping to give ourselves the space to listen to what that is. 

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