How To Use Your Social Media Powers For Good

Considering the potential that the average consumer has today to spread content through social media, it seems to be quite a scary, far-out idea in the scope of common culture to use these platforms to share one’s honest self as a way of projecting deeper aspects of one’s being than what we have been made to feel is safe to share. Along my journey of accepting and exploring my personal truths more and more deeply, committing myself to sharing the content which most accurately reflects my inner self was a gradual process of deciding that providing that which may serve others in as valuable of a way as it has for me was far more important than playing it safe and striving for likes, cultural relevance, and social reciprocation.

Social media is powerful. I believe now more than ever that it is crucial for all of us to recognize and utilize the power we have with these platforms to spread our most honest truths, interests, useful information and positive intentions in a world so littered with superficiality, fear, marketing, and distraction. We each have the ability with our social media to reach out to and influence every one of our friends – if not even potentially millions of strangers. I dream of a world where we are all using these platforms, rather than to unconsciously dissociate, cover up, or escape from our inner selves, to instead dive into our depth as an invitation for all of humanity to live in a truly open way. 

We are the ones who are leading the global, personal, cultural, collective revolution of the healing of a whole species through our everyday choices. While social media can be seen to have contributed negatively to the development of our generation, sites such as Facebook are undeniably remarkably powerful forces that are always available to utilize for more good than we’ve ever been able to single-handedly spread through conscious intention, as well as the simplest acts of authentic sharing. 

May you be fearless in your embrace and expression of self. May you listen to the voice in your heart, and follow and hold whatever truth it has to speak with curiosity, gentleness, and acceptance. And may you never be ashamed, afraid, or insecure of being who it is you are. The world loves, honors, and needs you to be exactly that. And each time you let us feel the light that you are, we light up as well.