The Amazing Healing Power Of Water

Are you feeling faint, moody, constipated, tired, fatigued, achy, ill, or down? Well, what if I told you about a simple magical elixir that might cure all of those symptoms? A tall glass of clean and clear water. It may seem like only a plain element in comparison to all the new health drinks out there on the market, but water can help prevent the undesired symptoms mentioned above. Here is why old-fashioned water is the healthiest of beverages:

Everything we drink is made up of water, which is the key ingredient for our bodies to survive. Without a sufficient amount of water, we become dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to achiness, bad breath, nausea, dizziness, cramps, fatigue, sickness, irritation, lack of motivation, headaches, heat stroke, and other more serious problems. When it comes to meeting your body's needs for fluids, water is ultimately the best choice. Drinking adequate amounts of water helps maintain the body’s fluid balance while supporting nutrient transfers throughout the body. Not only does it regulate your body temperature, but water also helps with mental focus, digestion, weight loss, promoting skin elasticity, sickness prevention, momentum, internal cleansing, and much more!

Consuming drinks high in artificial sugar can greatly increase extra calorie intake, eventually causing obesity, diabetes, or other chronic diseases. Plain water has absolutely no calories, and can actually help protect against most serious illnesses and diseases.

There really is no healthier drink-replacement for water. I can remember a time when coffee was my first go-to energy drink almost every morning. It felt like the perfect thing to give me a quick kick-start. That was until after only an hour or two, when my caffeine-high would wear down. Shortly afterwards, I would start to feel low on energy and even moody. This crash is because after eight hours of sleep, bodies need to be hydrated again, not dehydrated, as coffee and some other drinks often do. Starting your day by drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up jumpstarts your body’s system as well as boosts your mood and energy. And the best part? There’s absolutely no crashing!

 Don’t get me wrong, drinking organic veggie-fruit smoothies, juices, or other health drinks can be very beneficial for you, but studies suggest adults drink 9 to 16 cups of quality water a day in order to stay healthy. Out of all the drinks out there, our bodies need water the most, and that is what makes it the healthiest of beverages. It’s refreshing, cheaper than most drinks, and great on the go!

So, now that you know, drink H2O.