Eloise Andrews

Eloise Andrews


Eloise is an Energy Worker, Healer and Coach, specializing in Energetic Readings and Emotional Integration. She's able to identify people's Core Energetic Structure. By exposing these deeper and often hidden patterns, her clients gain real personal insight. Discovering our propensities- emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, plays an integral part in truly knowing oneself and she loves to support people through this transformational process of true self awareness.

Her background knowledge and training has come from a variety of world class Energy Practitioners, including Jona Bryndis, Jeff Casper, Stuart Wilde and David Hawkins. I have recently completed certification as a Level 1, 2 & 3 TransCOACH. In her younger years she was naturally drawn to the healing arts and also a competitive swimmer. This led to a 20 year career as a Physiotherapist in private practice whereby she eventually specialized in several 'Dry Needling' techniques. Early on in her career, however, she rapidly discovered and witnessed that there was more to healing than met the eye, and so, over the years my fascination with Consciousness, Spirituality and Metaphysics grew.

After going through a ton of personal growth and healing herself, she began to experience what could be defined as 'Divine Downloads’. Audible information streamed in to her on a daily basis. Lasting over two years, Eloise acquired a mountain of paperwork and a manic urge to piece it all together. Confused and filled with loads of self-doubt, she was completely at the mercy of this Higher Guidance. Eventually, out of the chaos emerged a brand new way of understanding ourselves and our journey here in this life. She could see that we all have our own core set of energetic parameters- our own 'Core Energetic Structure'. Our deep inner patterns and propensities to experience life in a certain way was exposed. Essentially, her whole perception was revolutionized. It became clear that this structure was indeed responsible for creating and influencing our perception of reality as well as attracting certain events our way.

Eloise couldn't help but wonder- Are we, in fact, being asked to transcend this? She reckons we are!

She'd love to show you your Core Energetic Structure. Are you ready to see it?