5 Health Benefits from Loving Your Job

Having a job you hate is not fun. Furthermore, it can bear significant risks to your health. Here are five benefits to working in a field you really love.

5) You’re Happier – When you’re in a job you care about, you tend to be happier and more productive. Regularly performing drudging, mundane work can actually cause depression, which then potentially leads to problems like obesity, anxiety, and even diabetes.

4) Your Mental Health Gets a Boost – Having a job we’re passionate about can actually lead to improvements in our mental health. This is particularly beneficial as we get older and become more susceptible to things like memory problems or dementia. Performing work we enjoy can prevent these hazards from striking early.

3) You Continue to Learn & Grow – Doing work you actually give a hoot about can further your eagerness to learn, giving you a much more fulfilling life. When the final curtain is drawn, you’ll be able to say you went out with a bang and leave those nasty regrets at the door where they belong.

2) Your Productivity Increases – Loving your job can increase your motivation, which increases your productivity. You’ll feel more fulfilled while getting more done – what’s not to love about that?

1) Your Life Span Increases – Believe it or not, some studies suggest that having a job you enjoy keeps you living longer. Who wouldn’t want to add a few more years onto their lives? As long as we can do what we love, it’s the best thing we could ask or hope for.