The Best Ways To Make Use Of Your Produce Scraps

We all eat (or at least try to eat) a lot of fruits and vegetables. Now, if you really are a produce nut, you may have noticed your grocery bill isn’t nearly as cheap as you’d like it to be, and your trash can seems to fill up again just as soon as you’ve successfully convinced someone to take the trash out. I’m well aware of the fact that some people don’t compile as much trash because, believe it or not, I’ve actually met someone who eats the entire kiwi (furry skin and all), and pickling watermelon rinds is a thing. Plus, I’d like to praise all the composters out there. However, most of us aren’t too keen on the whole furry fruit idea and, unfortunately, many of us don’t compost. Don’t fret though! I can show you a way to turn all that trash into treasure, while magically cutting down on your food costs. Seriously.

Next time you’ve finished chopping onions, turn that teary-eyed frown upside down! Don’t throw that onion root you’re holding out; with a little bit of effort, it could provide you with an abundance of onions in due time. Whoever said one man’s trash is another man’s treasure was mistaken – why not let your own trash be your own treasure?

Think twice before you throw those potatoes that are growing all of those appendages away. Those sprouting little legs are just begging to be buried in soil! The potatoes truly begin the regrowth process all on their own. You can thank them later.

Beautiful pineapples make beautiful piña coladas and pineapple tops make even more beautiful plants! After your blender has been hard at work making all of those adult beverages, you can take the time to plant the green part of the pineapple in some soil. With a little help from good ol’ sunshine and water, you’ll have a magnificent pineapple plant. Be patient. It’ll take a couple of years before the plant is capable of producing fruit.  

I’m a California girl. To put it lightly, I absolutely adore avocados. So, knowing that an avocado pit can be regrown is extremely useful information. That next big batch of guacamole can leave you with enough pits to have a plethora of avocado trees! You’ll have to use toothpicks to suspend the seed over a container full of water, in order for the stem and roots to grow. Again, this one requires patience. It could be quite some time before your plant produces any avocadoes, but this one is definitely worth the wait.

Household staples like lettuce and celery can be regrown in a cinch. Love garlic like I do? It’s nice to know that one clove produces an entire head of garlic. Amazing, right? Remember that anything with seeds is pretty easy to regrow. Plant some pumpkin seeds now and you could have a fall harvest. Who wouldn’t want the perfect pumpkin (and jack-o’-lantern) just in time for Halloween? Do something useful with those organic produce scraps! Reduce your waste and food costs. Instead of creating more trash, we can create more gardens. Do your research; just about any kitchen scrap can be turned into award-worthy produce. 

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