Jaro Watorski

Jaro Watorski


Jaroslaw Watorski aka [Yaro] the Spring Glory

Oh, how blissful it was to be a three year old boy, to practice sound of his soul among all his elders and to speak how to perceive the world with an open heart in a respectful and loving way. At that time no one ever listened. No wonder, in the world of the mind the wise man is always the one with the wrinkles. So Yaro took it to the lakes and green forests of Polish mountains and he found deep roots with nature and nature became the ways of his heart and a teacher. Yaro's way of thinking took a new path, different from the ways of his tribal surrounding and after a while he started to question everything that wasn't true to his heart, searching for ways to express his soul calling and he kept it that way, silently walking his path, watching from the distance, awaiting for the moment. Yaro knows that you were there or are in the same place, now searching...Things took a new lead when he learned how to become a physical therapist. In service he discovered how to feel life with his heart that brought him lots of joy and lots of sadness. The balance that he cherished while in nature was shaken by the concrete walls of hospitals. While working with stroke patients he awoke the power of simple touch, which latter lead him to become a massage therapist, but he felt there was something missing...At the age of 3725 he took part in a three day energy work. During that workshop he started to remember the old ways how to perceive and feel the energy and he opened himself fully to what's within and what's around him. Yaro was deeply amazed by the abilities and gifts we can all awaken while in the sacred heart space, truly connected. It was the time in his life when he had to learn how to walk again. The gates that opened to him were not always easy to go through and the only person who spoke about things he experienced was Stuart Wilde and Thanks to His guidance Yaro kept not only his heart innocence but also his sanity. From that moment on, like a tree he grew his branches all over the world teachings, looking for the songs of wisdom that shine the light upon the difference between knowing the path and walking the path. He took his journey through teachings of Silva, Theta healing, Native American ways of life, but deep in his heart he felt the energy and words spoken by Stuart Wilde, Chung Fu, Carlos Castaneda, Wayne Dyer, Don Jose Campos, Sandra Ingerman, Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, and he played as much as I only could in the world of their knowledge and he will still humbly do to this very day. Plant medicine helped him to remember, feel and see HIS OWN WAY OF LIFE and from that time I Am that I Am. Through Transcodes energy work he’s discovered Field Work and he started to plant White Roses of Grace wherever he goes. Today he works with clients to help them reach their own hearts, to feel the difference of how we can have a life from that sacred place.

To learn more, visit The Ways Of The Heart That Guide Website.

With Grace in my heart, forever grateful.

Blessed Be. Jaroslaw