Janet Michalk

Janet Michalk


Janet offers a unique blend of hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, intuitive psychic readings, EFT and Holy Fire Reiki.

Each session is unique, depending on the client’s needs and the Universal wisdom given to Janet by spirit. Janet provides guidance, but the client is ultimately responsible for their own healing.

Janet also offers intuitive readings which facilitate healing by connecting with source. She works with your guides and hers, as well as your loved ones who have passed on. Her readings help give you clarity on what you need to work on for your Spiritual evolution.  Janet also teaches the Michalk Method of Mediumship and Meditation.

Janet has also started a children's meditation series and holds classes for children with gifts. The classes are to help children build tools to cope with their abilities and become comfortable with their gifts. She has created a safe place for children to be who they are on a spiritual level.